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For younger women in their 20s, digital photography was already part of their life through cell phones with a built-in camera, which they carried around when strolling with schoolmates. "Shame," pronounced "shah-may," the abbreviation of shashin (photo) and mail, was their after-school routine; meaning taking pictures of whatever attracted their attention with their cell phone cameras and sending fresh pictures right away to their friends, a kind of report about how and what they were doing. Camera phones, or multipurpose computerized digitals, evolved from a simple portable telephone, enable users to chat, shoot, and exchange pictures, hook to the Internet, watch TV, etc. It is an indispensable, omnipotent little companion for those who have grown up with this gadget. For them, right or wrong, a mere digital camera, no matter how sophisticated, is just a "quotidian, awkward, and boring piece of equipment, offering no adventure to the mundane life," and therefore not worthy of any new investment. Another girl said, "What can a digital camera do other than take pictures? It does not deserve to be called digital unless it is more multi-talented." She added, "A simple, straightforward analog camera is more honest and modest."

The competition gets harder.
Matsuya department store, Ginza, Tokyo.
A scene of the exhibition hall.
A competition.

Sample Prices At The 30th Tokyo Used Camera Show
Here are some prices fetched by major brands at the show, which includes 6- to 12-month guarantees for free repair services. Prices are shown in US dollars at time of report.

Leica M3 DS body: Mint $3500; Ex+ $3000; Very Good $1500
Leica M3 SS body: Mint $4000; Ex $3500; Very Good $2000
Leica M3 olive with Elmar 50mm f/3.5: $10,000 and up
Leica M3 black body: $12,000
Leica M2 body without self-timer Ex+: $2000
Leica M2 body with self-timer Ex+: $2200
Leica M2R body Ex+: $2500
Leica M2 black paint Ex+: $5000
Leica M2M with motor Ex+: $5000
Leica M1 olive body Ex+: $1800
Leica M4 body Ex+: $2500
Leica M5 body Ex+: $2500
Leica M6 body Ex+: $1200
Leica M7 body Ex+: $2300
Leica CL with Summicron C40mm f/2 Ex+: $1500
Leica IIIf body without self-timer Ex+: $800
Leica IIIf body with self-timer Ex+: $1000
Leica IIIf Midland body Ex+: $5500
Leica IIIf Swedish Military with Elmar Ex+: $24,000
Leica IIIa body Ex+: $700
Leica IIIb body Ex+: $1200
Leica IIId body Ex+: $8500
Leica IIIg body Ex+: $1800
Leica IIIg Swedish Military with Elmar Ex+: $25,000
Leica 250 black with lens Ex: $6000
Contax II with Sonnar 50mm f/2 Ex+: $800
Contax III with Sonnar 50mm f/2 Ex+: $500
Contax IIa color dial with Sonnar 50mm f/1.5 Ex+: $1000
Contax IIIa color dial with Sonnar 50mm f/1.5 Ex+: $900
Contarex Super shoulder switch with Planar 50mm f/2 Ex+: $1700
Contarex Super body switch with Planar 55mm f/1.4 Ex+: $3000
Kodak Ektra with Ektar 50mm f/1.9 Ex+: $1900
Kodak Signet Military with Ektar 44mm f/3.5 Ex+: $800
Rolleiflex 2.8F with Planar or Xenotar 80mm f/2.8 Ex+: $2300
Rollei 35 Ex+: $590
Nikon SP titan curtain body Ex+: $2800
Nikon S2 with Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 Ex+: $1200
Nikon F body Ex+: $680
Canon 7S body Ex+: $600
Canon UF1 with 50mm f/1.4 Ex+: $600
Canon 4SB2 with 50mm f/1.5 Ex+: $900