3 Top Boudoir Photography Tips: Shooting Lingerie (VIDEO)

Boudoir photography, by its very nature, can get pretty intimate. But don't let that intimidate you from trying out one of the fastest growing segments of photography these days.

In the below tutorial, the pros at LA Love Creative share their top three boudoir photography tips for shooting lingerie sessions. Created by brother and sister business partners, Armani and Tiffany, LA Love Creative offers easy tips and tricks for beginners, making this a great way to learn about the delicate subject of photographing a successful lingerie campaign in a boudoir setting.

"We teach you how to shoot lingerie models so that they're comfortable and give the best poses," the LA Love Creative team explains. "Working together with the model will help to achieve the perfect boudoir photos. Even if you don't have a location, you can shoot an outdoor boudoir photoshoot. We shot this shoot in our backyard."

In the video, Armani and Tiffany photograph model Alyssasky Hudson in a variety of easy to replicate lingerie poses. Here are the three tips that this brother and sister team explain and demonstrate in the video.

#1 Understanding Camera Settings

#2 Strong Communication

#3 Create Comfortable Environment

"With lingerie shoots, it's important to communicate," Tiffany says. "That means when you find your model that you're going to work with, you let her know what you're shooting. You show them references, you tell them what kind of lingerie. If you're working for a brand, you show them that brand. If you're doing it for yourself, you show them what kind of lingerie you're getting for the shoot. You ask them to bring things they feel comfortable and confident in, because this is lingerie, it's intimate. We want this to be very cool and fun for everyone involved."

Watch the tutorial and then check out their YouTube channel for more great tips. And if you're just getting started in boudoir photography, you should check out this awesome free Beginner's Guide to Boudoir Photography to learn more about the artform.