5 Easy Editing Tips to Make Your WINTER Landscape PHOTOS Look Gorgeous (VIDEO)

Winter, in many ways, is one of the hardest seasons to capture as a landscape photographer. The reason, however, doesn't always have to do with the wintery landscape itself, which can look radiantly white when it's full of ice and snow.

Instead, argues landscape pro Mark Denney in the below video, the hardest part of a winter for him as a photographer, is the editing process, which can really make or break your photos. In the clip, Denney shares five easy editing tips that he says will help you fix your winter landscape photos.

"Out of all the seasons available for landscape photography, I find that winter is by far the most difficult from an editing perspective," Denney says. "And all the personal struggles and difficulties I've encountered with winter landscape photography stem from a multitude of different issues that I've struggled with for years when it comes to creating those frosty winter photos."

Denney shares what his struggles have been and tells you how you can easily solve these issues yourself much quicker than he did. Here are the five steps to better editing of winter photos that he discusses in the video.

#1 White Balance

#2 Exposure & White Point

#3 Adjust Contrast

#4 Shadows & Black Point

#5 Applying Filters

Check it out below and watch as Denney guides you through his easy editing process in Lightroom while working on one of his winter photos. Then hop on over to his YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button. You won't regret it!

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