Take a Guess Which Camera Just Hit the Jackpot with the First Ever DXOMark Score of 100

OK, quick: Which camera do you think just qualified as the best camera ever tested by DXOMark, with the first-ever score of 100? As a result, the highly capable Sony A7R II, with its impressive score of 98, dropped down into second place.

We’ll give you a quick hint: The top-rated camera in question is a 45.7MP full-frame DSLR, with an uncommon combination of high resolution, blazing speed, and robust video capabilities. Got it?

OK, if your guess is Nikon’s new D850 DSLR, you’re absolutely correct. It’s Nikon’s first DSLR with a full-frame backside illuminated sensor, and it's the second highest-resolution DSLR—just behind Canon’s 50.6MP EOS 5DS. In bestowing top honors to the Nikon D850, DXOMark suggested that this powerful new camera “looks to knock the competition for a loop.”

DXOMark praised the Nikon D850 for its signal-to-noise ratio, high-ISO performance, color reproduction, and dynamic range. They also offered kudos to the camera’s 153-point autofocus system, silent capture capabilities and 9 fps burst shooting.

To read the complete report on how the Nikon D850 compares to the competition, head over to the DXOMark website.

Via DPReview

John Torcasio's picture

If there was a DSLR camera to make you switch to Nikon this is it the Nikon D850!

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Ever since Nikon rolled out the D850 and decided to have ONLY men do the initial testing and reviews, I decided that I would not be part of their customer base. When I went digital I went to Nikon, and have Nikon cameras. But I started to lose confidence in Nikon with my D600 and D610 so now use a Fuji -- and the Nikons are being sold or collecting dust on the shelf. Sorry Nikon. Best camera in the world doesn't matter if you forget that women are also photographers.

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I seem to remember that there was some issue with Nikon being tone deaf for having only men in their official 850 roll out in Asia and perhaps Europe. Of at least one of the official Nikon "webinars" that was released in the States, one of the three photographers was a woman and the moderator/host of the event was female. At least seven of the current Nikon "ambassadors" are women and at least three of them will be presenting at the next PhotoPlus Expo in NY. One might be unhappy with the performance of the Nikon 600 and make a reasonable choice to switch to Fujifilm. But since the switch happened before the release of the 850, it seems a bit disingenuous and poorly timed to turn it into a gender issue.

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Oh those evil men! Of course a company as large as Nikon is run by, for and with only men. How dare they come out with a great new camera without consulting Gloria Steinem first. In our gender-obsessed world women like you look for offenses where there are none. I guess when you're standing there with a hammer everything and everybody looks like a nail.