Stile Plus Camera Bags

The Stile Plus collection by Manfrotto combines Italian style with functionality and great protection. On the outside no one can tell the bags were designed for cameras, but one peek inside exposes the ingenuity of Manfrotto designers.

"The bags in the Stile Plus collection focus on versatility - space for individual personality and protection for photographic gear", says Kayla Murata, Manfrotto Bags & Apparel Product Manager. "They are designed with plenty of pockets and dividers which keep everything nicely organized inside. Larger bags in the collection have a removable extra-protective padded insert which offers an extremely strong housing for your gear. When not needed, the insert can be removed and the bag reverts to everyday use".

With Stile Plus, consumers can choose a bag that fits their lifestyle without compromising on protection for their valuable photographic gear. Each bag in the Stile Plus collection is available in 3 colors – Black, Blue and Dove. The Stile Plus collection has something for everyone; from larger backpacks, slings and messengers, to smaller shoulder bags, holsters and pouches.

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This is so nice! Many pockets to be put and it's only a handbag. - Brenda Lee Reed

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