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Giving the best for all has to know on this farmer rice girl. She was so amazing. - Gregory J. Daniels DDS

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A nice enough capture however I have some comments which, hopefully will give you something useable for the future. The image, while pleasing is a bit closely cropped, perhaps if you had turned the camera around and composed the shot in portrait format, the bottom of her chin would not have been lost. Also, the background is a little sharp which can tend to draw the eye away from those haunting eyes especially in the bright zones. Having said all that, I am unaware of how rushed, or not, your window of opportunity was in framing the shot. The tagline says this was for a tripod required competition so I tend to assume that if you are using a tripod, you are not as rushed as you might be when shooting a candid shot, for example. Happy snapping!

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1. I did cropping on a special purpose

2. about background i will keep that in mind :)

3. She was very shy and time of window was very narrow.

4. I didn't use any tripod

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