Metz Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Metz, one of the longest established consumer electronics companies in Germany, is proud to celebrate 75 years of high-quality product development and outstanding customer service. By combining experience and innovation, Metz offers sophisticated products, using modern technology in such a way that customers actually feel the benefits.

Behind the vision of founder Paul Metz, the company began operations in 1938. During its formative years, Metz manufactured electronic devices for Carl Zeiss, products with high-frequency technology and, up until the end of the Second World War, short-wave transmitters and receivers. It wasn’t until 1947 that Paul Metz and his team began its consumer electronics division.

In the 1950’s, Metz broke into the business of manufacturing superior radios with record players and following the success of these devices, Metz introduced the smallest SLR camera in the world, a title still held to this day. In 1955, the company began to mass-produce televisions and by the 60’s they broke ground on the Mallorca, the companies’ first color television. During the 1970’s, Metz established itself as a leader in television design, developing extremely fashionable and reliable products. The 70’s also laid the groundwork for Metz today with the development of the Mecablitz 196 with automatic flash,a handheld flash gun used by photographers to provide illumination for their photographs. This product is recognized worldwide as a pioneering feat in the field of flash photography.

With an exceptional reputation shaped by numerous technical innovations, such as the USB connections which allow flash units within the camera system to be updated for the latest camera model even after purchase, Metz offers a diverse range of products including, convenient compact flashes as well as powerful handheld flash guns.

In order to ensure the high standard Metz has established, products are predominantly developed and produced on-site in Germany.

Metz flash units are highly regarded around the world among amateur and professional photographers alike. The company aims to develop products to satisfy the standards of tomorrow, today. The use of high-quality components in conjunction with cutting-edge, high-tech manufacturing processes ensures that Metz products can always be relied upon. Seventy-five years of experience guarantees technical perfection for the future.

Continuing its strong heritage of quality products made in Germany accompanied by first-class customer service, Metz looks forward to meeting the demands of tomorrow, today, along with another 75 years of excellence.

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Congratulations for the 75th Anniversary! You guys deserve it, you've been creating great camera in the past few years. - Carmack Moving and Storage