CaseCruzer PSC100

Photographers conquer the hassle of multiple shoulder bags when they roll with the new PSC100 by CaseCruzer. Snug padded dividers protect sensitive cameras and lenses, while a custom lid containing an interior universal sleeve secures most laptops.

Sweating strict airline regulations is a thing of the past. Gliding into any environment with embedded wheels and an extendable handle is the envy of fellow road warriors. Finally, a camera case that fits the style of a pro.

Don’t fear baggage handlers. This carrying case is guaranteed to bulldoze worries about careless airport personnel. Overall, they are built to take a beating so that the photographer can take a vacation from worry. “There tends to be a lot of hesitation when it comes to transporting sensitive gear,” says Tatiana Briceno, marketing director of CaseCruzer. “That should never be the case. If you typically feel uneasy when traveling with your invaluable digital SLR and expensive laptop, you can put your fears aside. As a professional photographer, there’s a lot on your plate. So, we believe that when you take your career on the road, your only concern should be just that - your profession. Worrying whether gear will survive to and from destinations is a thing of the past.”

The camera case comes with a universal sleeve fitted to the interior of the crushproof lid and protects all 13" to 17" laptop models. The interior base of the carrying case is fitted with a padded divider system with Velcro sub dividers, making it easy to rearrange the 11-compartments as needed.

The camera case exterior is injection-molded with ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin – built to withstand the shocks and hard knocks of travel. Molded-in hinges provide additional protection against high-impact jolts. The waterproof and dust tight submersible case is resistant to corrosion and severe impact. It is designed with an ambient pressure equalization valve and has an IP67 certification. Exterior dimensions are 21.75"L x 13.75"W x 8.99"H. It weighs only 12.5 lbs when empty.

The sleek, mobile airline carry-on waterproof case is fitted with snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handles that make the case easy to lift. Easy to use trigger latches provide instant access to equipment. But when the day is done, two padlock holes give the case a lock-down capability that secures equipment against theft. This stylish, durable carrying case travels in any environment with a lifetime guarantee.

The 11-pocket padded divider snugly holds SLR camera bodies as well as all the important accessories: lenses, lens caps, batteries and chargers and compact flash memory cards. There is also ample space for laptop battery cables.

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This will the nicest and safe box to put your camera here. - Casa Sandoval