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This is a beautiful painting that i would love to paste into my master's bedroom. Very talented artist. - Carmack Moving and Storage

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wahat a breath taking picture.. very refreshing.. Beef Jerky

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I understand the intend here but it simply does not cut it for me.
At first glance it looks all too blurry and in my view does not resemble some sort of painting.
In a painting one can be selective and isolate what one does not want to show movements. For example. I would have liked to be able to see the groung Leafes clear without any motion to them. of course this can not be achieved in the use of a Camera as one simply does not have the control over where the Wind should go.
Where as in a painting such an image with a paint Brush, one can be selective in order to isolate and bring one area in to focus. In this instance I would have chosen to just have the Tree leafes in motion.
There some bits in the middle sticking up causing distration from the rest of the image.

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Wow it looks like a painting but it's not, I get it now, it depends on the subject, like what you did here you use small aperture and fast shutter speed that makes the foreground and background blurred and that makes it look like a painting, thanks it's beautiful - Ruger 1022 Accessories

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