Pentax Q10 in 100 Different Color Combinations

Pentax Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation is now offering consumers the ability to custom order the Q10, the world’s smallest, lightest mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (ILC) system, in 100 different color combinations. This unmatched offering of color variations will enable consumers and photo enthusiasts alike to find new and limitless ways to express theirindividualism through photography.

Despite the complex nature that accompanies the offering of such a varied and wide ranging line of product, PENTAX will custom build each of the cameras to order per the color specifications set forth by each consumer. Once an order is placed, the specifications are sent to the PENTAX manufacturing facility where each camera will be hand built to reflect the personalized selection made by the individual who ordered it. Similar to that of a luxury good, the experience of customizing, ordering and receiving the finished product is unparalleled in the photo-imaging industry. This level of customization will be accomplished thanks to PENTAX’s unique supply chain management process, its team of committed customer service representatives and its progressive retail partners.

Consumers can mix and match body and grip colors by visiting the Q10 Studio at where they can define the perfect color combination to complement their individual style. Additionally, Adorama, a PENTAX retail partner, will display the full line up of Q10 colors in their retail location offering a seamless ordering process for each custom camera.

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Nice color combination of cameras. May be this would be newer collection of Pentax Q10.
vêtement pas cher

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It will be a good combinations to anything that will help through it all. It was decide for everyone. - Reputation Management