Tamarkin & Bertoldi Launch Rare Camera Auction

The Tamarkin & Bertoldi Spring auction of rare cameras, lenses, and accessories will be held on Sunday, April 29, 2012 in Woodbridge, Connecticut. This auction will be especially attractive to Leica collectors because the auction includes a wonderful collection including a black Leica MP, a chrome Leica MP, and two Leica 250Reporter cameras.

Stan Tamarkin’s rare auction company, Tamarkin Photographica, has held twenty-seven auctions since 1996. Now, in partnership with Dean Bertoldi, professional photographer and graphic designer, the new collaboration will expand their auction business. Their new fully illustrated color catalogue, available as a free, downloadable PDF on line at www.tbvintage.com, has over ninety-pages of photo collectibles.

There are over three hundred and forty lots in the Spring auction, including two prototypes of the original Leica M motor drives, a Minox Riga,a gorgeous war-time grey Leica IIIc(K) with the original E. Leitz invoice (made two days after Hitler’s suicide), a Nikon SP in the box, a 50mm Nikkor 1.1, a Thambar, a Mountain-Elmar, a black enamel 50mm Summicron f2, a handsome Contarex Electronic outfit, and many more exciting items.

The launching of Tamarkin & Bertoldi Vintage Auctions marks Stan Tamarkin’s retirement from the retail camera scene. Tamarkin started Leica collecting in 1971, built his collection while completing a Ph.D. at Yale University, and eventually became a franchised Leica dealer in 1987. After twenty-five years as a Leica retail specialist, Tamarkin is turning over the ownership of Tamarkin Camera to his son, Dan, who is just as enthusiastic about Leica as his father.


View the April 29, 2012 Online Auction Catalog http://cb.sailthru.com/fxdf.vi/T5Wm6_EddpDLED52De77f.

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