Lowel Prime LED 400 & 200 Tungsten

Lowel-Light has released the first two models of their new Lowel Prime LED Lighting System, the Prime 400 and 200, in dedicated tungsten color models. Both models will be followed shortly by their daylight color counterparts. Lowel Prime LED fixtures are not only more more powerful in their output than most of the competition in their price class, but they also boast a considerably wider beam angle than most other fixtures.

"The combination of their significant output, 70 plus Foot Candles at 9 ft from Prime 400 for example, and their 50 degree beam angle, means being able to light with fewer fixtures from a greater distance than is commonly expected from production LED's." said Lowel Director of Communications, Duane Sherwood.  "We designed Lowel Primes for studio use, but their performance, as well as their rugged construction, has many shooters willing to pack them in cases and take them on location, just to get the output and coverage they are looking for."

Lowel Prime LED's have a Color Rendering Index of 91+, giving them photo quality color output. The tungsten color models have a color temperature of 3300 degrees Kelvin, which will mix well with tungsten-halogen fixtures. Daylight color models are expected to have 5600K color temperature. The color temperature of Lowel Prime LEDs can also be tweaked slightly, warmer or cooler, to match other fixtures in color critical situations.

Primes rear panel 4 pin XLR DMX jacks allow connection and communication with DMX-512 control systems for studio use. There are also 4 selectable dimming curve behaviors programmed in each fixture. All models will auto-set to voltages from 90 - 240V. There will also be accessories such as a Barn Door Softening Set, as well as 20 & 30 degree honeycombs to trim the beam angle when needed.

For more information: http://www.lowel.com/prime/

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