Manfrotto 290 Series Foldable Three-Way Head

Manfrotto has announced a new addition to the 290 Series lineup: a foldable three-way head.

The head has three new kits built around it. It is designed to be precise and accurate, yet compact and lightweight.

Key features include:
* Easily packs and leaves space for more equipment, due to addition of foldable handles
* Lightweight and durable, made from high quality polymer, ADAPTO
* Allows for precise framing, meaning less time spent in post-production

The three-way head comes in four models:
* MH293D3-Q2 3-way photo head with compactfoldable handles
* MK293A3-D3Q2 Kit: 290 aluminum tripod (3S) + 3-way head with foldable handles
* MK293A4-D3Q2 Kit: 293 aluminum tripod (4S) + 3-way head with foldable handles
* MK293C4-D3Q2 Kit: 293 carbon tripod (4S) + 3-way head with foldable handles

Designed to help amateur photographers move to the next level, the carbon tripods are lighter, and more durable than previous models. They also have interchangeable heads and can be adapted for shooting a variety of genres.

Key 290 series features include:
* Carbon tubing, adjustable leg levers, interchangeable heads
* Transportable, without any sacrifice in stability
* Durable and built for heavy-duty use, without any reduction in strength or performance over time

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This is great! I guess this is so useful and a friendly foldable. - Larry Starr Sarasota