Zookbinders Revamps Customer Service, Rewards Loyalty

Zookbinders Inc. (www.zookbinders.com) has revamped its customer service approach with initiatives that make doing business easier and more profitable for professional photographers. The company’s renewed commitment to service excellence includes formation of The Zookbinders Customer Advisory Board and introduction of its customer loyalty program Zook Rewards.

“We got pre-occupied with workflow innovation and improvement the last few years, and partially lost sight of our commitment to customer service,” admits Mark Zucker, CEO & Founder. “Walking around our offices, I heard our colleagues explaining why we couldn’t do certain things, when we should be talking about how we can provide solutions. We’ve worked hard for 16 years to garner a reputation for high quality products and service, but our service had room for an upgrade.”

Zookbinders’ team is delving into what photographers want and don’t want, and examining how they like to do business. The company is finding new customized ways to help photographers be successful, like adapting its album design style to match an individual studio’s distinctive style. In addition to the daily conversations with photographers about their needs, Zookbinders formed a sounding board of a dozen clients with varying specialties, years of experience and locales around the country. The Zookbinders Customer Advisory Board meets formally on a quarterly basis and provides constant feedback on how the company can reduce pain points and be a better business partner. View bios and photos of the Customer Advisory Board at www.zookbinders.com/special/CAB/CAB.html.

Live Chat – Zookbinders respects the value of each customer’s time and understands the need to obtain info in a flash. The company now offers online Live Chat (8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT Monday-Friday). This new tool is ideal for quick questions, confirmations and other tasks not requiring a phone conversation. Simply visit zookbinders.com, click on the “Live Chat” icon and enjoy assistance that’s fast, friendly and free.

Flat Rate Shipping – Zookbinders’ new flat rate shipping fee is $16 anywhere in the United States via FedEx Ground. For an additional $5, the album company drop-ships the order directly to the customer and sends the paperwork to the photographer. It’s predictable, fair and another way of showing photographers how much Zookbinders appreciates their business.

Customer Loyalty Program – One of the many bright ideas emanating from Zookbinders’ Customer Advisory Board is the creation of the Zook Rewards customer loyalty program. Although loyalty programs are common among photo labs, Zookbinders is a rarity among album manufacturers in offering this client benefit. “We not only value our loyal customers, we think that faithful patronage deserves to be rewarded,” said Mark Zucker. The new points-for-purchases program launches in the 2nd Quarter of 2012 with rewards such as free shipping, free samples, free product upgrades and free design services.

Count on Zookbinders – Mark Zucker summed up the changes: “Any good vendor should be making the photographer’s job easier. Pros can count on Zookbinders to help take away the workflow pain so they can focus on getting hired, shooting great images and pleasing clients. In 2012 and beyond we are committed to being a better, more full-service partner by anticipating needs and exceeding expectations.”

To Learn More: Visit www.zookbinders.com, email, subscribe to Z-Blog at www.zookbinders.com/blog or call 888-895-3593.

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