Colorado Wildfires Motivates Memory Preservation Efforts announced a nationwide campaign aimed towards assisting Colorado residents affected by the recent wildfires. With over 30,000 people evacuated, and more than 300 homes already destroyed by the fires, this tragedy has become a national focus. The magnitude of the event coupled with ScanDigital’s personal connection to Colorado compelled the Company to do something to help the impacted communities.

All of the members of ScanDigital’s management team have a connection with Colorado, and collectively the company feels a sense of urgency to help. Rich Wender, Director of Human Resources says, “Colorado was my home for close to a decade. With so much to offer, Colorado has contributed to some of my fondest memories, such as hiking up my first fourteener (Mt. Princeton), cruising class five rapids on the Colorado River, and catching many Rockies games. I hope to one day call Colorado home again.” The Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Stone feels that the “years spent in Colorado were some of the most memorable of my life. From receiving a world-class education to enjoying its natural beauty and culture, it remains one of my most favorite places in the world.” ScanDigital’s management retreats are held every year in Colorado and the beautiful area holds a special place in our hearts. Anderson Schoenrock, the Company’s founder has family members in Colorado Springs that have been impacted by the wildfires and grew up spending time in the state. “I’ve been watching the coverage anxiously hoping that my relatives in the area would not need to evacuate. Having spent at least some portion of every year of my life in Colorado, the area is a special place for me and my family.”

The Los Angeles based Company specializes in protecting family memories and preserving them for future generations. It is only fitting that their campaign helps these Colorado families protect the memories they still have. For residents impacted by the wildfires, ScanDigital is offering to digitally convert and protect their photos, home movies, and other analog family moments that were rescued from their homes at half price. ScanDigital will also help to restore these images that may have been damaged in the fires. Additionally, the Company will also store the digital images on their servers as backup and store the original materials in their secure warehouse until each family has found time to regroup after the wildfires. Carrying boxes of photos and movies that span generations can be exhausting and ScanDigital will alleviate this burden by protecting and giving them a temporary home.

For the people who aren’t affected by the fires, but want to make a difference, ScanDigital is offering a 10% discount on its services and on top of the discount will donate 10% of revenue generated to the Red Cross’ efforts in Colorado. In order to receive the discount and help the wildfire victims, customers should use the code HELPCOLORADO when placing an order online. ScanDigital hopes to raise enough money to make a noticeable impact in the recovery efforts while continuing to do what they do best: Help families preserve their precious memories.

If you lived in the affected areas and need help preserving your memories, contact ScanDigital at 888.333.2808 or to receive the half off discount.

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I admire the people behind this important initiatives. You have done a great support to the affected individuals, kudos to all of you! - The Balancing Act