Tamron/ Shutterbug Nature Photography Contest Winners

Tamron and Shutterbug magazine proudly announce the winners of the Tamron Nature Photography Contest.  Nature photography has long captured the hearts and minds of amateur and professional photographers dedicated to capturing images of the great outdoors. We received over 2,000 entries and selected three outstanding images. Congratulations to all who entered and to the three winners who will each receive a Tamron lens.

Grand Prize winner: Donna Pagakis
(Tamron 18-270mm Di-II VC PZD)

1st Prize Winner: Nancy Kerner
(Tamron 70-300mm Di VC USD):

2nd Prize Winner: Hongdian Yang
(Tamron 18-200mm Di-II)

Prize winning photos will be published in a future issue of Shutterbug.

Grand Prize Winner “Poetic Symmetry”, by Donna Pagakis

chuckittome's picture

Why did we vote in this contest? I can't even find the winning pictures in the Tamron/ Shutterbug Nature Photography contest. Why? Did anyone VOTE on it and if so how many votes did it get? You never even let me or my friends leave a comment on my pictures or any other entry. Why? I am very disappointed in the out come of this (out of focus picture that won) “Poetic Symmetry”, by Donna Pagakis that was never in any of the rating (Most Votes, Title,.. Est.) .Why?... Are you even going to answer any of these questions or am I wasting my time like I did when I entered your contest.

Thank you! (for what I don't know...LOL what a joke)

Chuck Gardner (Chuckittome)

George Schaub's picture
The winners were selected by the editors and not by a vote on the contest page. The photo is not, on our monitors, out of focus. And there is and was a place to comment on all the images in the contest and in all galleries. The comments page appears when you click on the image and enlarge it.
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Nature photography has long captured the hearts and minds of amateur and professional photographers dedicated to capturing images of the great outdoors. We received over 2,000 entries and www.perceptiveflow.com/search-engine-optimisation.aspx selected three outstanding images.

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David J, Laroche's picture

The winning photo is out of focus on my monitor a DELL 24" Top of the line monitor, AND I can see all photos that are in focus and out of focus, AND this photo is out of focus, Sorry Donna but whats right is right....And half way thrugh the contest all images in the contest and in all galleries stopped opening and there was no way to write a comment, FROM WHAT I COULD SEE I WAS THE LAST TO WRITE A COMMENT IN JUNE CHECK OUT.... not that it would matter from the looks of the GRAND PRIZE photo you so called judges pick... What a waste of time....
Dose Tamron know of this ?????????????????
David Laroche

PS that was June 7 2011 at 3 a.m. my last comment and only one..
And I just tryed to open photos to comment in other galleries and they to do not open to write a comment... But are comment is like the vote for are counrty leader it just dosen't count the same in shutterbug and tamron contest. oh anyone can go to a zoo and get that grand prize photo , But try getting a hummingbird in mid air VERY UNHAPPY THANK GOD WE DID HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS CONTEST LOL

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chuckittome's picture

Dear George,

As soon as I would log in or my sister or friends did they could not even get to the contest site to leave a comment we got this message “You are not authorized to access this page” So no way could you leave a message. You just got a blank page with this message on it. You could vote but NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE! After you logged in you couldn't even vote when you joined and logged in.lol WHY?
I think the contest was a big joke and I’m not laughing…

Chuck Gardner

My pictures: http://www.shutterbug.com/galleries-user/31168

Thank you,David J, Laroche for confirming this for me. They had people joining SHUTTERBUG to leave comment! A real wast of time.
I get E-mail from Tamron and I think I will let them Know about this.

George Schaub's picture
I just left a comment on your praying mantis photograph. To leave a comment you have to sign in.
David J, Laroche's picture

I am always signed in, And could never comment in an of the galleries after June when shutterbug was making changes and had everyone make a new pass word. Check the last comment posted by me and you will see....

chuckittome's picture

Hey George,
I just login and this is the message I got!"You are not authorized to access this page". I click on the picture, it said "to leave a message login" so I did again ... then I got "You are not authorized to access this page".
Try it with a changed password Geo....

Thanks for the false info,

Also Geo I did get more than 70 views and 3 votes on the Praying Mantis entry... Go figure? I guess a winner is the one with the less votes..lol
Grand Prize http://www.shutterbug.com/galleries-category/632?page=12&sort=member&per...

chuckittome's picture

Hey George,
This was a message in my message box by a person (MaryAnnBridges)that couldn't leave a message on my "Mexican Gray Wolf" photo in the contest. So she put it my ShutterBug messages for me to read.

Subject:"Mexican Gray Wolf"

Displaying messages 1 - 2 of 2
Participants: chuckittome and MaryAnnBridge . . .
MaryAnnBridge . . .'s picture
MaryAnnBridge . . .
Aug 6 2011 - 4:25pm
This is an AWESOME photograph; a winner all it's own at the top of any category. This photo outclasses everything I've seen on the Galleries site. You should enter it everywhere! Hope you get this; Registration/log-in was "not nice." Mary Ann

Delete message
Block author

chuckittome's picture
Aug 6 2011 - 7:00pm
Thank you so much, Mary Ann for this wonderful Comment. Cheers, Chuck

Delete message

Carman45's picture

This is my 1st online contest, it was cool, and my congratulations to the winners.

BSL's picture

Where can we see the winner's photos?

George Schaub's picture
Winning photos from the Tamron contest will be published in an upcoming issue of Shutterbug.
David J, Laroche's picture

Thank you George, For a reply... It dosen't matter how many votes you got...My hummingbird in flight photo got over 400 votes... It who they wanted to win. I will never renew my shuttergub mag, subscribetion.........

David Laroche

charlene palmer's picture

I wanted to say congratulations to the winners! I really liked the colors in the Grand prize photo,1st place winner was very unique. I still don't know what the 2nd place photo looks like.

charlene palmer's picture

I would like to add to some concerns regarding the contest rules and the way the site is now set up. I had never had any problem posting comments on photos, it just never showed up on the on the last comment posted column. I do believe you should go back to having to sign in to vote, and only be able to vote one time on a photo. May I also add that the last contest Fall Colors winners didn't have the honor of being announced on the website or being published in your magazine. Even though the contest rules stated that they would be announced on the website and published. This Tamron contest rules stated that you would have to send a self stamped envelope after October 31st to find out the winners, but now they were announced on the site and being published. I just found that a little unfair to the winners of the last contest. I think being published is far more exciting than any prize. Just saying, I'm not trying to be a complainer. Best regards, Charlene

srussell55's picture

A winning photograph is in the eyes of the judges not your monitor. I didnt win but appreciate the opportunity to post some of my work and have a chance to win. If you give something away there is always a person that will complain. I have attended a lot of photographic competitions that I did not enter and wonder why a particular photo was selected. It doesnt matter. A new lens would have been nice but an Ansel Adams, I'm not.

SteveW's picture

The grand prize photo is a masterpiece great composition and back ground colors.

brandga's picture

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