Omnicron QF26 LED Ring Light for Flash and Video

Quantum’s Omicron Flash/Video Ring Light utilizes 80 LED lamps – with a new twist. Omicron is the first “Chromatically Correct” LED light for photo, video and HDSLR video. White-only LED sources leave spectral gaps compared to traditional and natural light sources. Quantum has critically filled in those gaps with compensating colored LEDs to provide the most natural light spectrum. Furthermore, thanks to the ring design, the colored shadows of other compensated LED light sources are eliminated.

Photographers are always looking to incorporate new techniques and styles into their repertoire. Omicron can give you that high fashion look that you see in designer ads. It’s perfectly suited for difficult product photography of jewelry and food. And it can also be used to give excellent lighting for videos. Many studios offer slide shows that intersperse stills and videos, and Omicron can help you to light videos and those candid captures, without having to switch between flash units and video lights. The mounting Bracket included with the Omicron QF26 is designed for use with all popular DSLR and video cameras.

When used with the Quantum TRIO or Qflash 5dR the Omicron is fully compatible with your Nikon or Canon camera systems TTL and Manual modes for flash photography. Omicron allows you to switch easily between modes:

Flash Mode – Capture high resolution digital flash images in Manual or TTL flash mode then quickly switch to continuous video light to capture those special moments during your event.

Video Mode – Use continuous light for video capture, call on the flash at any time to “get the shot” you can’t miss, then go right back to recording video.

Est. Street Price $865

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Wow this is a really nice gadget I love taking pictures and video this would be a great add-ons for my camera. I always bring my camera wherever I go even if I go to fitness center irmo sc to workout I still bring it.