Nissin MG8000 Extreme Flash

The latest advance from the Nissin Group is the MG8000 Extreme Flash; the world's first “machine gun” camera flash designed for the heavy user, where maximum flash output is required over a long period of time without overheating or shutting down. This flash produces more than 1000 continuous 1/1 flasheswithout overheating – three times more than a traditional flash.

The MG8000 delivers all the features and benefits of the highly successful Nissin Di866 Mark II flash, with the added advantage of unequalled heat resistance. The key to this breakthrough is Nissin's use of special heat-resistant materials developed for this unique flash, as well as replacing the traditional flash tube with a quartz tube that reduces heat significantly. Nissin flash units are distributed in the US exclusively by Minox USA, and come with their exclusive 2 year warranty.

The MG8000 is designed to support Canon E-TTL II and Nikon iTTL systems. Combined with an external Nissin Power Pack PS300, this new flash is blazing fast and maximizes performance. It ships with an add-on diffuser, and is powered by four AA Ni-MH or lithium batteries. The MG8000 has a fast recycle time of 5.5 seconds with fresh batteries and evenfaster with the PS300 power pack. It weighs 14.7 oz. and is 5.8”x3.1”x5”. Retail price is $629.

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Over 30 years building flashes, one would think they will get it right.

The first model, Nissin Di866 makes loud zoom & standby & 6 months-dead.
The second model, Nissin Di 866 Mark II, has overheating problems & no services in USA. I purchased in Asia. USA will not honor even when Nissin has a 2 years warranty.
Installing NiZn on other brand of flashes work fine.
But installed NiZn (Minox USA says it's Okay for NiCd, NiMh and NiZn) destroyed our Nissin flashes (Di622 Mark II, Di866/Di866 Mark II). Just great.

This Nissin MG8000 Extreme is well over $1,200.00 USD!!!!!
You must purchased the Nissin Power Pack PS-300 for just $500.00 USD if you don't want snail recycle time of 5.5 seconds!

Nissin claims: you can get up to 60,000 full power (1/1 Full Manual Power) from just one Nissin 7.2V NiMh 3300mAh inside on PS-300.
That's 60K flash shots! My Quantum Turbo 3 can't even get 4K of flashes. Down right not true.
Using Nissin PS300 (also used ATG/Quantum) on Di866 Mark II-the flash overheated & stopped working in less than 50 shots. That's including Canon 600EX-RT and Nikon SB-910 flashes.
In simple word, "Lie".

So buy this claimed professional flash and install Powergenix 4AA NiZn.
Keep on firing the flash at 1/1 full power when the light is Green & then pray that Minox USA will repair your flash.
All Nissin flashes come with their exclusive 2 year void.
Wow, all because you & I abused our flashes.

Ever shoot weddings or in light rain with your flash equipment?
Will you better not use this claimed pro flash, Nissin MG8000 Extreme.
It's not weather seals, like the Canon 580EX II and 600EX-RT.
Fluid got around the front flash of our MG8000's air vents. And inside sits the flashtube. The secondary flash dies long time ago when we needed the most by firing the claimed "Machine Gun" in 1/1.
Remember, couple & guests like to toasts with drinks.

Here are the short lists of the machine gun flash:
1. Takes 5.5 long seconds to recycle with 4AA on 1/1 for $629.00 USD
2. Wants under 1 second? Break your piggy bank for $500.00 USD.
3. PS-300 will not work on our beloved Quantum Qflashes.
A major bummer for $500.00. Do not buy.
Use your ATG or Quantum Battery instead.
I like using ATG Elite Gold Battery Pack because it's light & small & looks
sharp & high tech over Quantum battery.
4. No way in hell that the PS300 can get 60,000 full power flashes!
You & I do not shoot higher than ASA/ISO 400 and at F2.0 or faster.
5. It will surly not sync when using my ATG Canon EOS-1D C and Canon
For that matters, didn't flash sync with Canon EOS-1D Mark IV.
6. All those stores claims, "Out of Stock". They never had it in stock at all.
Just because it is launched, it does not mean it's in the camera stores.
7. You might see one next year in your non-near camera stores.
8. At this price, $629.00 USD, we should be able to use any 4AA batteries.
9. The secondary flash will dies out very quickly when using HV battery pack.
10. Nissin removed the Di866 Mark II head, drilled some holes and doubled
the price with a quartz flashtube flash.
From $329 to $629 is a big profits for those fat cats in the office.

All Youtube shows ceiling is less than 8 feet and subject is less than 5 feet
When was the last time that your clients want you to be that close or
blind them with your flash?

2013 is coming up soon.
Do you feel lucky & have that kind of money?

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