Please comment briefly on your experience with and/or need for custom White Balance tools and techniques.

Please comment briefly on your experience with and/or need for custom White Balance tools and techniques.
I just leave the camera on Auto White Balance because it does a fine job most of the time.
17% (29 votes)
I use an Auto White Balance accessory and Custom set White Balance regularly.
39% (69 votes)
I shoot all my images in Raw format and process for fine control of White Balance then.
44% (77 votes)
Total votes: 175

Jake Chesley's picture

i use auto WB until it's not working for me. it usually does a pretty good job, and with raw editing it's not a huge stressor.

Joe Edwards's picture

It is an a valuable tool even for amature like my self. Shooting in low light with some flood lights can leave the photos yellow. Just adjust the white balance and your photo is better. We buy better cameras with nifty features. So do not let them go to waste. Experiment and see what happens.

Andre Baget's picture

If i shoot indoors, i do a manual white balance.

Jimmy Nix's picture

I have not had any problems with the auto white balance in the camera. I like to make adjustments after it is down loaded on to the computer.

J.  Smith's picture

Try taking only .jpg files for a while to realize the benefits.

Glenn A.'s picture

Using custom WB only takes a few seconds to set and saves a boatload of time in post.

Chuck Roberts's picture

I always attempt to correctly set the WB in order to minimize editing time on the computer. I just received a X-rite passport which should move me the third choice into the second after some tests.

Michael Allie's picture

It takes a lot of discipline to stop and set white balance before a shoot, but if you do the results are better and it saves a TON of time. I don't always do it, but if I'm not in daylight and I'm going to be doing a lot of shooting with the same lighting, I am very happy when I do.

Jack Hartman's picture

I use the WhiBal. If you ever try it, you will know why you need to use it. An in-camera setting can come close, but the WhiBal almost always makes a difference. You don't see it until you use it. Then it is almost always, "That s better!"

Bill D.'s picture

I set the WB in camera and shoot both jpeg and raw as a backup.

James K.  Hackett's picture

I use AWB in non-challenging Lighting situations. I set a custom one indoors or in poor light.

Sam's picture

I take a lot of existing light photos, so being able to fine tune the white balance to the specific environment is a necessity.

Norm Lovett's picture

Shoot in RAW and use custom white balance (grey card).

Joe's picture

I generally use Raw with WB set to Auto. When using JPEG I have found that Auto also gives the most realistic result, often better than my "interpretation" of the light source.

David Sime's picture

Most of my photography is done outdoors in RAW format, so I set my white balance for the proper conditions, ( sunny, cloudy, shade, etc.) and then fine tune in processing. I haven't seen a need for custom white balance tools.

Robin Alaniz's picture

I do use the white balance settings on my camera but haven't ventured into custom balance. I am still learning.

Julie's picture

Expodisk is excellent. My ColorRight is clumsy and very fragile. The company has failed to return numerous calls regarding repair of the fragile rear element. I use a Canon 7D.

Tony Gilmore's picture

Canon does a pretty good job with auto white balance. Any corrections needed are taken care of in Lightroom.

Greg's picture

Since I am a minimalist when it comes to post processing, I try to get it right in the camera.

Pete's picture

The only time I set white balance is when shooting under studio light. It just makes post quicker.

John Glynn's picture

I shoot in yellowish tungsten lighting situations with flash so I use a lasolite gray reflector for custom white balance. I still use RAW processing for the fine tuning but I have good WB base from start.

Joel's picture

I have never shot anything but auto - it does a pretty good job - and I fine tune in raw.

Pete Basola's picture

I use the ExpoDisc regularly, especially in the studio to insure my various lights produce perfect white balance.

Alfred A Brissette, Sr.'s picture

Never had a white balance problem when shooting RAW.

Michael D.  McGuire's picture

Given the state of color correction with products like BibblePro and others, I now leave my camera on auto for everything except studio flash imaging - there, the camera is on manual and I use prime lenses whenever possible.

Larry R.'s picture

Shooting raw leaves one less thing to worry about. I have complete control in after shot processing.

Dana Wimpfheimer's picture

I have seen a huge difference in consistent color in my photos since l learned to set custom white balance in my Nikons. My post processing is much faster!

Susannah Sofaer Kramer's picture

When shooting portraits I use a custom white balance but for landscapes and wildlife I leave the camera on daylight and adjust in ACR.

L.  Hadlock's picture

I love my Expodisc. It does make a lot of difference in my photos.

Rich Brown's picture

I change location, I change White Balamce. Outdoors, I change White Balance hourly. I have Photoshop CSR, and Lightroom 2. I prefer to do as little post production as possible!