Briefly comment on what camera you might have selected as your “pocket” digital image taker.

Briefly comment on what camera you might have selected as your “pocket” digital image taker.
Just carry your DSLR as your main and only camera
18% (30 votes)
Have a second digital camera as a “constant photo companion”
70% (117 votes)
Are still searching for that second camera
13% (21 votes)
Total votes: 168

Ryan Watkins's picture

I carry my Nikon D200 with me almost everywhere. Sometimes I'll bring my Nikon D40 as a backup. Even though it can be a pain lugging around a DSLR and a few lens, I still don't think it's worth spending $500 for an advanced compact camera when you already have a reliable DSLR.

Ken Richmond's picture

My dream point & shoot would have a magnesium allow body, at least a 20x optical zoom & the abilty to shoot jpeg andAdobe DNG raw.

Gary's picture

I've gone through a lot of 'pocket' cameras, over the years, and they always seem to have a deal breaker, until I found the Canon G10. I have it in my briefcase, and use it for training sessions - shooting at 640 X 480, then go to 15MB RAW files while walking the gardens, parks, and landscapes of the places I visit. No deal breakers, and I have had it almost a year now. I've even shot some video - quite impressive!

Joyce Cruzat's picture

I like my Nikon D60 and I'm still learning. I like the Nikon products so I chose the Nikon P6000 because I wanted a more advanced P&S that had camera raw capability that I could carry in my purse. I love the camera but I really hate the user manual that comes with it.

Irwin Parker's picture

I began with the Canon G-2, progressed to the G-7, to the G-10. I think this is the best compact camera series-I have obtained images that rival those taken with my Canon 50D. I would vote for the Canon G11.

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