If you have tried a digital printing photo kiosk briefly share your expereinces.

If you have tried a digital printing photo kiosk briefly share your expereinces.
I haven't tried one yet, but might do so soon.
12% (5 votes)
I tried it and will go back for more printing sessions.
38% (16 votes)
I tried it and didn't like the experience.
17% (7 votes)
I print myself and don't rely on outside services or labs.
24% (10 votes)
I use an online printing service and don't make my own prints.
10% (4 votes)
Total votes: 42

Alex Costello's picture

I am still not satisfied with the quality of the results from the digital format at this time.

Ken Rimple's picture

I've used ofoto.com, my Epson 2200 and various other printing methods, and the quality and immediacy of printing things myself seems to work out much better than waiting for the prints to arrive.

Carrie's picture

They are okay they take a while with larger files and all englarement have to be recentered! A little frustrating.

Andrew Pike's picture

Easy to use, high quality dye-sub prints. Interesting way to make cheap enlargements from prints, CD-ROM, or memory cards.

Ramon's picture

They should enforce copyright laws with digital printing kiosk. Photographers are loosing money due to copyright laws not being followed.

Pam Kayser's picture

I use shutterfly and my prints were great!

Joe Angott's picture

I have never really been happy with digital prints even from my 6 mega-pixel camera. They are convenient and family and friends like the snap shots, but for serious picture taking I still go back to film.

Jason Gerber's picture

Good for quick proofs. Have to do brightness and color correction depending on the Kiosk. Fuji's is pretty good, but prints too bright

Celeste's picture

These are great for digital snapshots, or film snapshots that could use some zooming and cropping, though I will always print my portfolio pieces myself.

Ben Nickles's picture

I have used the kiosks in COSTCO one hour. It works great, very pleased with thier color matching. I also print my own at home, and am pleased with the results.

R.Kirkman's picture

They seem to be a bit off in terms of darkenss, but reasonably acceptable with experence

Amy's picture

My mom has a top of the line digital and I don't like it! i like it for editing but the prints come out fuzzy!

Dan Brodeen's picture

Found the quality decent enough for some uses. Was handy for making 4x6 business cards.

TPS's picture

For general "snapshot" type of images it's great. I was quite surprised with the quality of 8x10's as well. As far as editing features, photoshop it ain't, but the learning curve is almost non-existent. Burning onto CD's just doesn't get any easier, just keep in mind that your editing changes will not be saved, at least on the machines that I've tried. The prints are waterproof too. Cool! Print quality is far better than any inkjet that I've tried. The bottom line: They are perfect for non-geeks who don't want to spend the time and money on quality apps like photoshop and dye-sub printers. It's all about convenience.

Vivek Bhaman's picture

Useful Only for very basic/lo quality stuff.

Shelly's picture

The quality was comparable to snapshot printouts. I'd do it again for my scrapbook, but I still trust professional for pro shots and client stuff.

Michael's picture

I did look into buying a few as a side business. But I think it's too staturated already

Angelo Caminiti's picture

Used one once about 3years ago and will never do that again now I print my own.

Brian's picture

I used the ones at walmart, more specifically Fuji machine (matte finish). You do need to know the sizes available and need to set up that size in your software, some cropping may occure.