Please comment briefly on this topic.

Please comment briefly on this topic.
) Yes I would and I think that we should encourage manufacturing here in the US.
71% (234 votes)
Not necessarily; I would buy based on other considerations.
29% (94 votes)
Total votes: 328

Mike's picture

ABSOLUTELY!!! This country is starved for more US-made quality products...let's keep the dollars here! Thanks!

Graeme K.'s picture

I respect Nikon and other Japanese brands too much to consider an American camera. Let's focus on a significant industry, such as Detroit, to maintain manufacturing here rather than chasing an already-lost market (photography).

Robert Taylor's picture

As long as it was a good camera. I would not buy it simply because it is American made.

C.  W.  Garre's picture

I shoot with Pentax, film and DSLR. They are the best cameras available. Why would I want to get something else just because it is made in the US?

Mark Kienzle's picture

Although I would love to buy American, I would have to be more than convinced that the camera was (a lot) better than my Canon. The money I invest in a camera, especially in today's economic environment, must be fully justified.

Katherine Rizzoli's picture

There is alot of competition out there, so it would have to be better designed and more stylish.

James C.  Williams's picture

The trick to turning the US economy around is buying locally. We spend a little more now but gain in the future.

Otis E.  Adams's picture

America is more then capable of producing the finest quality products and I would jump at the chancee to buy American.

James McGrew's picture

George Schaub got it right! YES, I would be thrilled to buy a US designed and manufactured entry level DSLR. I would buy as many as possible as gifts to celebrate the FIRST modern USA built camera. Kodak needs to look at its roots and heritage started by George Eastman and realize the opportunity that's right in their own back yard to help return them to brand dominance. Talk about Acres of Diamonds....whew!

Ed's picture

I'm locked in Canon ef mount equipment and I assume that Nikon, Sony, etc SLR owners have the same problem. The question only has meaning if I were a newbie and had a real choice.

David A.  Shapiro's picture

As much as I try to support products made in the USA, I believe in letting value and quality compete openly in the market place. If Nikon makes a better product in Japan than Kodak, and Nikon makes an investment in U.S. infrastructure in terms of jobs, distribution, etcthat supports jobs in the U.S., than Nikon deserves an opportunity to earn my business.

Rich's picture

Made in the USA would be one of the qualities that would influence me.

Mike Bukowski's picture

I am completely for creating physical product in the US, but I wouldn't by a family camera. I would only buy if they made top of the line SLR models that matched or beat Nikon D3, Canon 1d Mark III.

Jim's picture

I would buy the best camera for my money that had the features I find important. The country of origin would not be important.

S.  Goodrich's picture

The place of origin of a camera or any other consumer item is not a criteria for its purchase for me, and should not be a criteria for anyone.

Brent Michael's picture

Given the investment I have in Canon glass I'd be unlikely to buy anything outside of Canon other than a P&S, which I upgrade maybe every six years or so as it's only an emergency camera. Now if they used a Canon mount and offered a competitive full-frame DSLR, I'd certainly give it a look, but the D700 doesn't tempt me because I'd have to change out more than just bodies.

R.B.  Gough's picture

Let's get back to America, and the goods we can and could produce.

Kenneth Dove's picture

The survival of this country depends on its manufacturing capabilities.

Bill K.'s picture

The average consumer needs a very good general purpose digital camera with a minimum of controls that is simple to operate and that takes professional looking photographs.

Randy Floyd's picture

i would prefer USA but i would still buy based on what features it had and how easy it was to use

Louis E.  Franyi's picture

Sirs, I feel that an affordable functional camera is now available for any one that would like to own one. The research and manufacturing in the United States of cameras is dependent upon many market factors and it is all related to the profit margin. An American made camera in every new car would be a great start.

John Mazarak's picture

It would have to be good, but American technicians have always been able to compete if given an even playing field.

Bill Springer's picture

Might consider it as a gift for relatives depending on ease of use, but will stick with Canon products for myself.

Larry Vipond's picture

The outsourcing game, played to protect high CEO salaries, has ruined American manufacturing. When we learn to compete I will happily buy American.

Bill Ehmig's picture

The camera would have to provide value for cost and do the things I wanted. Then i would favor it.

Phil Kaplan's picture

It is a daunting task because most of the content at this time will need to be imported. Glass and perhaps the digital engine. But I think it is worth encouraging a US digital producer. We need jobs and we have capable high tech workers.

David Gordon's picture

I buy the product which fits my needs and offers the highest performance available in my price range, regardless of its country of manufacture. If that product is made in the US, that's great. I try to give a US-made product the benefit of the doubt and choose it if it is offers comparable performance to a foreign-made product. Performance is the basis upon which my decisions are made.

Fred Martin's picture

Probably not because it most likely would be higher priced than current foreign models.

John Anderson, Jr.  PhD's picture

I would much prefer to buy anything made in the USA. Having a substantial amount of equipment which will go to my son, I fail to see why we can't compete with Japan, Korea or Europe. High end cameras selling for near ten thousand dollars, lenses for twenty five thousand are being purchased daily. We can build these items, and in many cases are responsible for the success of companies now pushing America out of the race. Give me a 12mp solid quality camera and five or six quality lenses, I'd be a customer for the rest of time here. WE CAN DO IT, TOO!!!

Hal Muhrlelin's picture

I would base the buy on performance quality and price.