What flash system or setup do you use, and why?

What flash system or setup do you use, and why?
Ambient light (daylight or using no artificial light)
59% (19 votes)
Built-in flash (perhaps as fill with ambient)
0% (0 votes)
Auxiliary flash (hot shoe or bracket mounted flash)
28% (9 votes)
Studio strobes (power packs or monolights)
13% (4 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 32

Jim Hester's picture

I like using all of the above, but I don't normally have access to a studio.

John Wiedenheft's picture

To learn the art of using natural light - metering and setting the correct white balance - is fundamental in using lighting for portraits.

Edward 's picture

I will use different lighting methods base on what I want the final outcome to look.

Ron Klupka's picture

Easily controlable.

Richard Coy's picture

At present that is all I really need, but would like to purchase lighting for inside photos such as weddings.

John T.'s picture

Because, you can control the lighting... although, natural is very good too. But, do you get them there early in the morning or late afternoon? Easier said than done...With studio, it doesnt matter if its 2:00am or 12:00pm in the noon sun. You control the shadows and back lighting. But, it really depends on what I or they want for a final portrait, and when you can get them to your location.

Tony Weatherman's picture

White lightening.

Alan Wheeler's picture

Nikon SB-800.

John Robert Martin's picture

I prefer ambient light because it looks more natural. If needed I use lighting that is on all the time.

Clayton B.  - Tempe, Az.'s picture

For portraits I prefer Natural light on an overcast day, or a soft ambient light with very little direct lighting. I find it produces an excellent overall tonal quality and reduces the appearance of minor blemishes, wrinkles, etc.

Christopher Phares's picture

I like the use of ambient light because it can offer different effects every time I go to my favorit places to shoot

cena's picture

I have a travel bag set up with the ability to quickly remove a layer of equipment and place in one of the trays for x-ray. Therefore,642-979