Please comment briefly on how you share your images with family, friends and associates.

Please comment briefly on how you share your images with family, friends and associates.
Yes, I like the extra convenience and ability to share pictures quickly while on the road.
54% (129 votes)
No, it wouldn't make any difference and I am fine using email and web sharing as is.
39% (95 votes)
I'm not sure how it works and what the benefit is so I don't know right now.
7% (17 votes)
Total votes: 241

D.  F.'s picture

If I did studio type shooting, then this might be great, but for my own purposes, it's just bells and whistles - I'd rather be paying for a better sensor or lens than features I won't use.

Adrian's picture

I suppose the iPod generation does, but for me, absolutely not. I want my camera to be a camera; a device for making images. I don't want it to be my email gateway, web browser, image editor, cell phone or anything else but a camera thank you very much.

Bob's picture

Some of your picturs are really cool but some are weird some of you contestants have beautiful pictures good luck!

Zman's picture

As noted in previous November vote, lens compatibity is the issue and is why I went Pentax when upgrading to digital.

Javier's picture

If you want connectivity, buy a cell phone. Cameras are for shooting pictures. Sharing pictures instantly is nothing more than an immature obsession.

Gene Thomson's picture

Why dilute a camera with "extras" ?

Tim Kemperle's picture

I am comfortable reviewing my files, editing and renaming the files now off the CF card. I doubt I would gain much benefit of having a wireless connection and probably would not use it much.

Alan Fisher's picture

I use to share photos. They seem to be the least expensive for developing. The produce a great product and are world wide.

David's picture

I'm a photographer. I don't like paying for features that I don't need and this is something that I don't need.

John R.'s picture

The main thing that has changed for me is not having to have a roll of film processed at the lab.

Lauren MacIntosh's picture

The camera Manfactures are trying to re-invent them self's, they have come a long way in a very short time and now their running out of things to do to the basic camera DSLR. Now they want to make it A full blown Computer ,with wireless capacity which if fine for the Pro's but really what semi pro and down really needs all these features as the camera manufacturers are trying to sell us here, at this rate they will take the human element out of taking picture's.

David Sime's picture

I imagine it could be advantageous to some news photographers to send their photos to their bureau from a remote location quickly. For me I can see no benefit.

Jim Lawrence's picture

Extra connectivity options may be fine for marketing a product, but I would rather see the camera manufacturers concentrate on improving the image quality and giving their customers "more lens" for the money.

Random's picture

Wireless features increase price and decrease battery power/time. They are un-needed and unwanted.

S.  O.  Clampitt's picture

Too much stuff to go wrong. Follow the KISS principle. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Connie Diring's picture

At this point, I send my digital images out to print and then send them to family and friends. People don't seem to like sending the digital files by email or web sharing (and some don't have access).

Roger Robertson's picture

As an amateur photographer, I like to step away from the communication realm until I have something to offer. I do not see a benifit of being able to send files out from my camera and prefer to deal with area (photography or communication) at a time.

Chuck Pine's picture

Everything in photography is a trade-off. I prefer the vast array of picture-making features in my cameras over those better left to cellular phones and the like.

Burt Buckborough's picture

If my friends and relatives were more into hi tech stuff, extra connectivity might be more appealing to me, but I'm personally mostly interested in photography as an art and prefer high grade internet photo galleries to show my work.

Jim Collins's picture

Downloading to the computer first ensures a much better picture being sent. Trying to judge the quality of the photo using just the LCD monitor is OK for quick snapshots but not much else.

B.K.  Mc's picture

Too many options muddle the purpose of a camera - to take excellent photos

Ed Yarwood's picture

If it's not on film I don't care.

B.'s picture

When I'm away photographing, I worry about getting the image. When I come home, I enhance the RAW files in Photoshop to maximize color, tone, sharpness, etc. I don't see any point in sending someone unenhanced and dull images from RAW files without processing them in Photoshop beforehand. If pro camera's offered in camera enhancement of the usually dull and grayish image files they produce straight out of the camera, then maybe wireless sending would be worth it and practical.

Sparky's picture

With a brand new grandson living 500 miles away, the ability to see photographs quickly and frequently is almost like being there. Not quite, but almost!

Carol B.'s picture

I'm not in that much of a hurry to share my photos. I like to review them at home on my computer first; pick the best ones; and then share...

Paul B.'s picture

Connect to your own senses. Digital is trying to do too much to soon. We still need to be participants not watchers.