Please comment briefly on how likely you are to buy a new DSLR in the coming months, and how your investment in lenses will or will not affect that purchase.

Please comment briefly on how likely you are to buy a new DSLR in the coming months, and how your investment in lenses will or will not affect that purchase.
Very important. I have a large investment in lenses already.
76% (165 votes)
Not very important. I would purchase depending on the features and ease of use.
11% (24 votes)
I am shopping for my first DSLR, so the price/features ratio is my prime consideration.
13% (29 votes)
Total votes: 218

Mel's picture

I only have 2 lenses for a Canon SLR film camera now so not to invested in this brand but would like to be able to use them, on the other hand I am looking at all the brands out there.

Linda Abbott's picture

I have a large assortment of lenses for my F100 and when going digital, I don't want to sacrifice what I can do. I can adjust to the difference between the digital and film viewing, but I'm not giving up my lenses. I got a D70S but was not happy with the sharpness, so I sold it and am getting the D80 for the megapixels. I'm spoiled by my film camera, but want the advantages of digital.

Justine MacDonald's picture

My goal is to purchase an SLR or D-SLR in the future, after I have more experience in photography.

Joe's picture

I like the features for dust/anti-shake built into the camera, like the new Sony Alpha 100 and the Pentax K10D. It seems technologically backwards to build special features into each lens when you should be able to build it into the camera. Canon and Nikon are my preferences, but, I don't want to pay for image stabilization in each lens, nor do I want to purchase a body without a dust solution.

John Welch's picture

Just bought a Nikon D50. I had some good lens but that was not a consideration.

Joe Dlhopolsky's picture

I have one lens that is engineered for an APS-C size sensor. Another is an L-series Canon lens that is worth more than the camera. I will be buying a camera that is compatible with these lenses. I didn't think I would, but I like the C size sensor. For me, wanting a full frame sensor is a slavish devotion to an archaic technology.

James Kan's picture

I own Minolta, Canon, and Nikon cameras and lenses, but if another manufacturer came out with features I require, I would purchase it.

John T.  Marsh's picture

Lenses are most critical, especially considering the increases in resolution that these new cameras will offer due to their larger sensors. I'd also like manufacturers to offer more and high quality primes as zooms are often too slow or too expensive, especially at the wide & tele ends.

Don Carlson's picture

I have a Pentax system manual and af lenses the in body image stabized bodies are perfect for me no lens cost.

Mary's picture

I would certainly like to see the price of full size sensor D-SLRs come down to a really affordable price.

Manuel Saucedo's picture

It's very likely that I get a Nikon digital camera sometime next year, mostly for the convenience of using one, but it's even more likely that I will never give up my Nikon F4.

David J.  McBride's picture

I may be too late having just ordered a Sony A100 w/18-70 lens and Sony's 75-300 zoom. I don't guess my 50/f1.4 or 200 fixed minolta lenses from my [1975] SRt101 will fit it; do you think?

George Zaret's picture

Unless money and learning how to use your equipment means nothing I always keep things in the same system. If I am changing systems I do it carefully.

Edward Rokisky's picture

I'm looking for a DLSR with anti-shake that will take my Nikon lens.

J Michael Jordan's picture

Just enough invested that I'm not considering going to Canon from Nikon.

Haroonal Khan's picture

I have owned and used my Nikon FM and FE2 with 6 manual focus lens for around 20 years. I am disappointed that Nikon has chosen to support the professionals with the D200 and D2H DSLRs and leave thousands of amateurs in the cold. I long for a lower cost DSLR that would accomodate manual focusing lenses.

Al Cesario's picture

Luckily for me, I've invested in Canon, and Canon-compatible lenses. I have no worry product quality worries, because of me sticking to the manufacture of my lenses.

Vern Rogers's picture

Not too likely to get another DSLR as I have four now. But my Nikon lenses and bodies are a huge influence on future buys. I am sold on Nikon.

Jeffers's picture

I plan to sell my existing film camera and lenses so tht I can buy the best system without being biased by my old lens selection.

JIm Sipos's picture

The type of memory card also matters. If Nikon persists in making their new DSLR's available only able to use SD cards and not compact flash cards I will not replace my D70 with another DSLR but I will go back to film with my F100,N80's and FM2n.

Dale Lyon's picture

I just purchased a D200 and will keep my D70, otherwise the D40 may have been of interest.

Ron Rogers's picture

I cannot turn my back on my selection of proven lenses and have already purchased one Nikon DSLR because of this. D200 is next.

Randy Nauman's picture

I own several Nikon lenses. I began at the bottom of the line w/D50 but will jump much higher with my next. Old lenses work great with this camera.

Ken 's picture

I have not used an SLR film camera in many many years and have no lenses left. I have been using film and digital compacts so my 1st DSLR will be based on quality 1st, features second and price third.

Robert L Pfeiff's picture

I bought a Nikon D200 several months ago. The fact that I owned many Nikkor lenses played only a partial role since many of them are too old to be used on this camera. This is my first digital SLR simply because a manufacturer finally came out with one with the features I wanted at a resonable price. If I wanted a second body I would take a close look at the Nikon D80. I have a large collection of top or the line cameras of multiple formats going back over 60 years but have been very selective relative to quality and features that work for me. Among other careers I am a retired professor of fine art photography.

Susan Vermeulen's picture

I work hard for my money and strongly feel that any upgrading needs to be just that, an upgrade of what I already have.

Robert MacLeay's picture

Being able to use my existing lenses is a hopless fantasy. Nobody really supports manual focus lenses any more. (Virtually everything I own is Minolta MD or Zeiss-Contax.)

Rhonda Woolery's picture

I just bought a new body, and compatability with my current lenses meant everything when I made my decision to purchase.

George Livesay's picture

With about a dozen Nikon lenses for full-frame 35mm, I naturally want a DSLR that can use these lenses.

Steven Jenkins's picture

Whenever the replacement for the EOS 5D comes out, I will probably get it. I got burned on the 10D when a year later the 20D came out with far better features. I expect the same for the 5D replacement, though the Lord only knows what they will name it!