Please comment briefly on when and if you use a fast (f/2 or faster) single focal length lens.

Please comment briefly on when and if you use a fast (f/2 or faster) single focal length lens.
Yes, it comes in very handy for low light shooting.
24% (34 votes)
No, my zoom handles every situation and lighting condition I encounter.
20% (28 votes)
I carry both.
56% (80 votes)
Total votes: 142

Ed Siciliano's picture

I have not been convinced that zoom lenes give as sharp a slide as any zoom. I use Nikor lenses only.

Peter Morenus's picture

When I need a photo to be supremely sharp, I'll use a 28 or 50mm prime lens. Even an extremely expensive high-end zoom isn't as sharp as my nikon 50mm f1.8.

Harvey Morgan, II's picture

My Canon 85mm f1.8 is great for selective focus and it allows me to carry a lighter variable aperture zoom.

Ken Manuelian's picture

I carry a true Macro lens as well as special lenses such as my olympus fisheye. Street photograpy I carry a 55mm f1.2 on an OM-1. They are small, light, and always ready.

Neil Chapel's picture

I often shoot in low light situations where flash is not permitted or appreciated, such as musical and theatrical performances. In such cases I don't leave home with out the 50mm 1.4 lens for my Canon 20D.

John R.  Spurr's picture

If you strive for the best image always. A wide aperture lens is a necessity. Enabling a lower ISO to be used and in most cases a faster shutter speed as well as a sharper image. Plus the larger aperture allows better isolation for the subject.

H.  J.  Fischer's picture

I use a single focal length (35mm) whenever I shoot with my rangefinder camera-about half the time.

Bruce Forbes's picture

I have zooms for general purpose use, but for portraits, nothing beats my old Soligor 85mm f:1.5 T-mount lens. Even though it's an old preset aperture style lens, the 18 or 19 iris blades create perfect out-of-focus highlights, and the fast lens lets me use slow, fine-grain film for high quality enlargements. Sometimes, the old ways are better.

Colin's picture

It is the "standard" lens on my Medium Format and I use it 80% of the time. In addition I use an f1.4 35mm for much of my rangefinder camera shots.

Brent Powell's picture

I use a 50mm f1.8, 35mm f2, 135 f2 in addition to my zooms.

Dennis Walton's picture

Canon IS lenses coupled with the 'ASA flexibility' contained in the new digital cameras do the trick for me.

Alan's picture

I love my 150mm and 28mm F2.8 lens. I consider them normal lens. I also stll use my 52-59mm 1.4.

Dennis Jefferson's picture

Generally the lens quality is also of note with the faster aperatures.

Mike Meyer's picture

I used my Canon 85mm 1.8 for my daughters dance recital.

Darnell Wilburn's picture

My 85mm f/1.2L always accompanies me and my camera. No if ands or buts about. The 16-35mm is unreplaceable when I do my wide angle shooting but they may change when I get my hands on the 35mm 1.4L.

John T.  Marsh's picture

I use a 1.4 & a 1.8 on an Olympus E1. The 1.8 appears to be the better of the two.

David Risch's picture

Contax G2 with 3 fixed focal length lenses. Love to have the choice with depth of field, I can always move to change the crop.

David Ames's picture

I carry two single focal length lenses, 85mm f1.8, and 50mm f1.8 to go with my zooms, I wouldn't leave home without them.

Chris Mungall's picture

I always carry my Canon f/1.4 50mm , even though I love zoom lenses. My main use for the f/1.4 lens is to take pictures indoor with fill flash. That way I can have both the subject and the room lit.

Bob Potter's picture

I cannot afford the more expensive lenses. So I have to adapt to each situation, often times using a tripod.

Mel Wolpin's picture

For my Nikon camera's, I have 2 manual and 2 auto-focus f1.4 lenses and for my Leica M6 I use a 90mm F2 and also a 50mm F2. I also have quite a few F2.8 zooms for my Nikons, actually 4 in total.

Jay Abramson, RN's picture

A prime lens may eventially become part of my kit, but with the excellent range in small, light zooms, it is not a necessity for me.

Chirag Kasbekar's picture

I find the 50mm f/1.8 very useful for low light situations. Without it my kit is definitely incomplete. I feel much more reassured with it.

Randy Nauman's picture

With 25 speed film it is almost essential. I use a 50mm Nikkor 1.4 especially for close up shots.

Leonard Kalos's picture

I will use a fixed lens for sunrise, and sunset shooting. I don't have to guess at which f stop I'm really shooting at.

Jody Ellis's picture

I love my f1.8 for portraits and stills - it's great, but for most other things I use my zooms.

Ronnie Waide's picture

I carry a 1.4 lens, 55 mm. for my Canon digital cameras, 10D and 20D, along with a 2.8 Tokina Pro lens. The other lenses are Canon IS zooms.

John Bacon's picture

Single focal length lens are handy when size of the lens matters.

Zygmund Zee's picture

I use a single focal length (50mm) macro. I find that my macro gives me better detail then my zoom in it macro mode does.

J.A.  Heberlein's picture

I always use single focal unless in a hurry and that is where the zooms are so handy.