Briefly describe the top three features that an affordable digital SLR would have to have in order for you to consider it as the camera for you.

Briefly describe the top three features that an affordable digital SLR would have to have in order for you to consider it as the camera for you.
About $600
36% (38 votes)
Between $350-500
45% (48 votes)
The price is right now, but I haven't decided on which one to get.
20% (21 votes)
Total votes: 107

Gary from Georgia's picture

Digital is for thousands of mediocre pix, film is for a few great hard copies. I'll stick to film for real photography! In other words film makes you think, digital makes you press the shutter when there ain't nothing to photograph.

J.  Clark's picture

8meg or more resolution

Fred Hayes's picture

Looking for digital camera body. 1. Cost is near what cost of film body 2. Works with existing camera lens. 3. Uses inexpensive AA bateries.

William M.  Clark's picture

Must have a variety of lens available and price for the lenes must be reasable.

Steve Ferris's picture

The digital SLR has to produce files to produce prints that equal those made from 35mm film. Marketing hype aside, this is (almost) true only at the very top of the line. In a few more years, lower price and better image quality will make a digital SLR a good value.

M.  Taylor's picture

Really want a full size sensor.

C.  J.'s picture

Would love to get the EOS 20D for this price! Prices don't drop enough after new releases/ upgrades. Too expensive to keep changing to keep up.

John J.  Anderson's picture

Just got 10D in this price range. It may be old tech now. but the image quality is 2nd to none just like the man behind the camera.

Clay's picture

It would have to match the quality one can achieve with a film camera.

John Dillon's picture

I am waiting for the right model for the lenses I own. (Nikkor)I'd like an 8 MP SLR for about $1,500.

Craig Mort's picture

For the USA it is affordable but other countries pay approx double the price. Any reduction in pirce would be great. Eventual diminsihing returns on development should see prices become similar to film SLRs.

Barry's picture

Full frame CCD Canon EOS mount More then one storage card slot.

Sid Karp's picture

Since everything is planned in advance according to an article in the latest edition of PC Photo titled "Birth of a Digital Camera", it doesn't really matter what we photographers think because it's all based on what the camera manufacturer can afford! In the end, they call the shots - no pun intended!

Adrienne Bergen's picture

I am holding off mostly because of the weight of these units.

R.  Ray Starcher's picture

Looking for something less than $1K, but with all the features I want.

Michael Holstein's picture

Full frame digital slr using interchangeable lenses, 12 megapixels or more, compact flash cards.

Ellen's picture

Fast start-up and shutter release, Image stabilization on camera or lens, quick access to commonly used settings.

Ray Eggleston's picture

Interchangeable lenes. Image stabilization 6-8 megs.

Glenn's picture

Considering my film camera that cost all of $275 and still can do more and deliver better pictures than a digital, why would I want to spend that much more money. Plus, as film is upgraded I can still us it, when digital is upgraded, you are up the creek, you can't upgrade the camera so you are continuously spending money chasing after the newest thing.

Shawn George Chickowski's picture

1. Ability to upgrade sensor. 2. I require disposable income so that I can purchase one! 3. Availability of storage media (i.e. CD-R) in many years to come. There has yet to be one standard of storage medium that will around more than 10 years without enhancement causing one to upgrade archives and possibly corrupt files. EEPROM is the way of the future!

Janine Baker's picture

I don't want to switch to digital, but I'm afraid 35MM SLR will become obsolete before long!