Briefly describe the top three features that an affordable digital SLR would have to have in order for you to consider it as the camera for you.

Briefly describe the top three features that an affordable digital SLR would have to have in order for you to consider it as the camera for you.
About $600
36% (38 votes)
Between $350-500
45% (48 votes)
The price is right now, but I haven't decided on which one to get.
20% (21 votes)
Total votes: 107

Steve Harris's picture

8 to 10 mp for $1,000.

Andrew Pike's picture

I'll be with film until the fat lady sings, but when she does, I'll pick one with features as good as my film one. By the time I'll be forced to switch, they should be pretty cheap.

Benjo's picture

A decent viewfinder with gridlines or changeable focus screens so I can actually focus manually. More manual and fewer menu-hidden controls. Good resolution, current 6mp standard I find to be enough.

Michael Diggs's picture

1. With Balance Control 2. 3" LCD Screen 3. Solid Construction

Homer Moore,Jr's picture

8+mp DSLR.

Mark's picture

A digital slr should function more like a film one. It should have dials for aperture and shutter speed which can be easily set without using mysterious menus.

Sunil Manga's picture

Large LCD Screen. Should be visible in sunlight even from the sun at the back direct on the LCD. The CCD Chip should be easy to clean. I live in New Delhi, its dusty there at this time of the year.

E.  D.  Truitt's picture

I am actually using a CANON EOS-10D. I recently considered replacing it with an EOS-20D, but am holding off for the following features: 1) Wider dynamic range (At Least that of color print film) 2) "Film-equivalent personality settings" (meaning, I can get vivid colors like Velvia, or tonal values like Tri-X, or skin tones like Astia). 3) Even better battery life than the 20-D.

Jim North's picture

8 MP Good lense selection Custom modes.

Warren H.  Grubb's picture

Full frames You get the correct exposure that the meter indicates. ASA 50 thru 3200 With min. noise. P.S. Black and White mode in camera!

Stan James's picture

Features: 1) 28-200mm (35mm equivilent) zoom lens F2.8 or faster. 2) AA battery compatibility 3) Rotatable view screen like the better point & shoots, combined with optical view finder.

Artur Kozlowski's picture

1.Good viewfinder 2.Long battery life 3.Easy settings setup

Karen R.'s picture

Two new cameras on the market---one 5 the other 8 pixels. However the 8 has been reported to have a slow shutter release while the 5 is said to be very fast. Total confusion.

Greg S.'s picture

How can a person justify spending nearly a thousand dollars or more on a digital slr when an equivalent film camera costs around 200 dollars? And why would you spend 200 or 300 dollars on a point and shoot digital when you could spend that money on a solid film slr? Why is digital so much more expensive...does it cost that much more to make it?

S.  Lee's picture

1) format comparable to a 35mm camera (24mm X 36mm) 2) minimum 20Mpix resolution 3) common RAM module capacity

Lukas's picture

The price is right now, but I miss "live LCD" (similar to what compact digital cameras have).

Richard Anderson 's picture

1. When the image quality really reaches film levels, NOT just a very selective group of transparancy films. 2. When manufacturers view the real needs of endusers and not just their own ideas. Some of the "features" are really not. Eliminate some of the FAT and give us a digital Nikon F-type DSLR. 3. I currently prefer to use 35mm film and SCAN frames into my computer for adjustment in Photoshop. I use a dedicated film scanner for highest quality without the compromises inherent to "do-it-all" scanners.

Adrian's picture

Photography means film. But, if priced right, ($350-$500, and preferably closer to $350) I'd consider buying one to play with. For pictures I care about though I'll stick with film thanks.

Ray's picture

Just under 500.00 would be a fair price.

Alan White's picture

Needs to have a larger LCD that is more readable in daylight. Also need quicker response of shutter.

Ken Fiscella's picture

I am still not sure which features are important to me.

Ron Wade's picture

I'm holding out for digital SLR bodies to be priced closer to their film equivalents. The differential is still too great. For now I'll continue to shoot slides and scan them.

Bob Townsend's picture

Needs to accept Canon's EOS lenses. Needs to have a large CCD to cut down on noise. Needs to have at least 8mp for quality large prints.

Gerald Johannsen's picture

Same features as My Canon Elan 7.

Autumn Brown's picture

At least 6 megapixels, very flexible white balance, compatable with lots of lenses.

Jim Malone's picture

Resolution need to increase significantly - film is still considerably better.

Gary Richards's picture

Depth of field ease of use 8 mp or higher.

Bill Burkholder's picture

At least 12MP 35mm size sensor with no visible noise at ISO 800; On board PC terminal for flash, Self Cleaning Sensor.

Paul Sheridan's picture

Changeable sensor, to easily update as technology advances, shutter lag no longer than film cameras, 3+inch LCD.

Cliff Kolber's picture

Using raw images, the amount of buffer so that you can take the next picture without having to wait for the images to download into the memory card.