Briefly comment on the best way you have found to backup and catalog your digital images.

Briefly comment on the best way you have found to backup and catalog your digital images.
I backup all my digital images on CDs.
44% (54 votes)
I have switched to DVD backup because of the larger capacity.
20% (24 votes)
I work with a separate hard drive.
27% (33 votes)
I haven't started that yet and all my images are on my computer hard drive.
9% (11 votes)
Total votes: 122

Frank Bonini's picture

I use CDs because the format is standardized. There is still some flexibility in the DVD standards. My primary backup though is a RAID 5 disk array on a dedicated storage server.

Suzan Charnock's picture

Once the photos are edited the origingial and edits go onto a seperate hard drive.

R.  Allan Smith's picture

I use a quality name brand cd to back up my images. DVD is ok also but there has been some question to compatibility so I feel cd's are probably the safest bet for now.

Vic's picture

In the end I think I will have a combination of DVD's and Lacie portable drives. Neither one satisfies all my needs.

Laverne Olrogge's picture

I use a separate hard drive for primary storage and back up on DVD. The hard drive allows faster access to the images.

Pam Martin's picture

I like to save them to CD's, but I am looking into putting them on DVD's soon because of the larger capacity.

Laird Austin's picture

I backup all my digital images imediately after downloading them from the memory card and again after any changes in Photoshop. I also backup my scanned images. Currently use CD's because I have about 1000 still on hand and haven't purchased a DVD burner yet.

Jerry Alsup's picture

I have an Epson printer which prints thumbnails of select pix on the front for quick ID of contents.

L.  Elmore's picture

I am getting ready to buy a separate hardrive just for my photos. I am getting so many I want to save them where they will be safe and easy to get to.

Tony Wladyka's picture

All files (photo and others) are backed up on CD until I have time to sort at which time they are moved to DVD.

Dick's picture

Backup with CDs because of price is lower.

Dan Stewart's picture

I use CD's because they are cheaper than DVD's and I generally put only one or two photo sessions on a CD (if they are related topics) and these are easy to catalog.

Bob Soelke Selective Focus Ph's picture

We use the Mirra Personal server which automatically backs up selected folders on our hard drive. We can also remotely access our files through our free account with Mirra at their web site Very cool!