Please comment briefly on your experiences with a kiosk, lab or online print service.

Please comment briefly on your experiences with a kiosk, lab or online print service.
I print most of my digital image files at home or in my studio.
57% (51 votes)
I print the most important images at home but use kiosks, labs or online services for the majority of my work.
9% (8 votes)
I have all my work printed by a kiosk, lab or online service.
27% (24 votes)
7% (6 votes)
Total votes: 89

Neil C.'s picture

I use my Epson RX500 which makes satisfactory prints up to 8.5x11

Nicole's picture

I use Shutterfly for the majority of my printing. They make a nice product and will drop-ship for me if I like (granparent's pictures). Saves me a lot of time...

John Meek's picture

I prefer having control over my final images and printing them on my Epson 2200 allows this to happen.

Hugh DeForest's picture

I do all of my printing with my MAC G4 and Epson 2200 printer.

Lisa's picture

I use for printing most of my photos. Good price and good quality.

Don Pasieka's picture

I print all of my own prints, that is what I love about digital photography.

Jason Nadler's picture

While I do print many of my photographs, I feel that, for the low cost, my time is better spent sending them to a service that does not alter the files I have already managed.

Tom Golota's picture

I use Shutterfly for most of my personal prints and a local pro lab for portrait work. Shutterfly has excellent quality and great turnaround most of the year. I receive most of my orders in about 4 days after the upload. Not bad considering they are in CA and I am in MA! However, do not expect the same level of service in the month of December. In fact it can take 3 weeks for the saem order and they will NOT respond to email querries during this time and they do not have a toll-free number.

Ronk's picture

All wedding and large display prints are sent out to an on line printer. I feel that the cost of a large printer for anything over 8x10 really isn't justifiable, for me.

Don Thompson's picture

Today's home printers are very high in quality, convenient, and affordable.

Ed Ingalls's picture

Use Photoshop CS and Epsom 2200 with good success. Have not needed very much manipulation other than cropping/sizing, adjust brightness/contrast and sharpening - do mostly landscape & travel.

Tom Peterson's picture

I have most of my printing done by a lab for our fine art gallery. The smaller less expensive prints are done on an Epson 1280 dye inkjet printer.

Ron Head's picture

I only use a lab for processing. Since I have set up a digital darkroom, I want and prefer to use it; I have control then. When shopping I do see a lot of people(probably snapshooters) using the kiosk in the store so I would guess that is used the most by the snapshooter.

Kin Hightower's picture

I primarily use film but use digital for playing around and family.

Thomas J.  Rice's picture

I only use Eckerd store if they have a Fuji that prints protographically and I know the person doing the printing

J.  Talvan's picture

For the actual job I use an online service. For proofs I use a local Lab. If I need it in a real hurry or want to use creative paper, I do print my self.

M.  Florian's picture

I use a continuous ink system which has greatly decreased my cost and increased my output.

David Thibodeaux's picture

I print only black and white and I print all my prints myself on photo paper with chemicals.

Jellis's picture

I print most of my stuff at home as I like the control. If I have something that I want to preserve I may send it to a lab (i.e. something that will go out in the light in a frame etc).

John Mazarak's picture

My only reason for not doing my own printing at home is a size limitation - I can print up to 13x19 on my Epson 2200, and I prefer the quality of my own printing.

Arne Graff's picture

Most of my photos are taken the 'oldfashioned' way on film and then scanned into digital files which are printed on paper. The resolution of digital cameras just isn't good enough (yet) for my liking.

Jason Cheng's picture

I get much better color balancing with prints I make myself.

Gerson Horowitz's picture

I enjoy having control over the final results.

Ronald Uzzo's picture

I do all of My printing. Nobody else seems to really care about what they put out. I think that most of the labs hire machine jockys and don't care about Quality printing. I would like to find a lab that can do the same quality I can do at home.

Ed Truitt's picture

I have used "custom" labs, as well as nationwide photo labs and labs at non-photo stores. I have found the labs as a whole do an OK job, so if I am printing a bunch of images (for example, an entire roll of 35mm color prints) I have a lab do it. Most of my film images, however, are chromes, which I print selectively after scanning them. The quality is pretty consistent among the 1-hour labs, though I get better quality at the pro/custom lab (even if it takes a little longer.)

Damian P.  Gadal's picture

I've used online services and been mostly pleased, but am planning on getting an Epson 9600 and doing all of the work myself. I want more control over the final print.

Gene Olson's picture

I have not had any experienc with commercial digital printing since I do all of it at home.

Paul's picture

Printing at home is ok for one or two images, but when I have fifty or a hundred to print, I use a local mini-lab that I can send the files to via the internet, pay by credit card, and pick up the finished prints the next day; without ever having to load paper or change an ink cartridge.

Holly Claycomb's picture

I have my images printed at a CVS lab, but the employees are local and know their customers. I like their personalized service

Jim's picture

Price of home printing needs to come down - the rip-off pricing of inks is ridiculous. Needless to say, I don't print a lot at home!