Briefly comment on how you see your film useage in the next six months.

Briefly comment on how you see your film useage in the next six months.
I have shot just as much film as I did before
43% (171 votes)
I have shot less film, probably close to the industry figure of 20-30%
19% (74 votes)
I don't shoot film anymore
38% (149 votes)
Total votes: 394

Ray Brown's picture

For me: Film died an abrupt death 4-5 years ago and my Nikon N-90 is gathering dust. Digital still has a long way to go because the best digital that will duplicate film is way out of my price range. I shoot a Fuji S 2 Pro.

Larry Coe's picture

I will give up film when: I can purchase a high quality DSLR with a full 35mm size (or larger) high quality sensor for a reasonable price that will utilize standard 35mm lenses and flash units. When shutter response time matches a quality 35mm camera. When I can get the same quality low light situation pictures without flash or auxiliary lighting that I can with a 35mm and high quality high speed film. (No blur) When digital cameras work as well in extreme weather conditions as quality film cameras do.

Kenneth Patrylow's picture

Why waste time with film now. Digital is great and one can shoot many shots without wasting film. It is easier and less costly and developing is very quick with a computer or printer with flash card slots.

Milton Fried's picture

I will continue to use film for black and white and for large landscabes, but will digitally print them.

Don Husslein's picture

With the addition of a DiMage Scan Elite I have the best of both worlds. I have the fast instant shutter release of a film camera and the capabilitity to digitally enhance the pictures. I've eliminated the "analog" darkroom.

Alfred Sutlick's picture

Since acquiring my Pentax ist D, 35mm photography with my Pentax ZX-7 represents no more than perhaps 5% of my photography. Originally, I was going to upgrade from the ZX-7 to the MZS, but wife suggested I go digital! I gladly bought the ist D, and haven't looked back. If I had the MZS with its increased capability, instead of the ZX-7, I would probably do a "little" more film photography. The ist D is just too superior to the ZX-7, to much use the latter.

Robert Snell's picture

I mainly do black and white large format photography. I shoot some digital in small format.

Marilyn R.  Skinner's picture

Film camera's take good pictures and I plan on taking more pictures with film. I just bought a new Canon SLR. I also have a ditial Fuji camera. I enjoy both of them.

Matt Baldelli's picture

I think digital is there, but only in the higher end digital backs, i still don't think a dslr has the sharpness as a back does. I also believe film won't die, even if it becomes and alternative process it will still be there.

Ray Casbourn's picture

I will still be shooting film for years to & white or color...I don't see digital in my near future as there are much too many problems. Nothing is standard. Too expensive and changes much too fast. You spend and spend all the time. Nothing so far, replaces film. Also, a lot of editors prefer film over digital images anytime. There's nothing like seeing a transparency on a light box. Film is tangible. I'll still shoot Velvia, or E100 VS or Fuji's ACROS (b&w)for a long 6x7 and 35mm. I'm considering buying the new F6. With digital, way too much time is spent on the computer instead of shooting.

John Schrum's picture

Even though I'm shooting more digital my film shooting hasn't diminished.

Nathan Potratz's picture

I plan on shooting more film in the future mostly because I am confident in my results and I know I can store the negs forever. I am not sure about our ability to read older storage formats in the future. Remember the original floppy disk?

Larry Eulert's picture

I purchased a Canon 20D and don't shoot film anymore. I used to use a Canon EOS 7NE.

Manuel Chavez's picture

I have both. The Canon Rebel EOS Ti and Canon Power Shot S1 IS digital. Both are great! My Rebel is used for more serious shots, where my Power Shot is used for fun and more candit shots. I enjoy them both. Sure I can download my digital pics faster than I can than my Rebel, but with having to develop my pics at Ritz Camera, I can request a single set of prints with a cd to boot.

David Roush's picture

I don't shoot nearly as much film as I used to since I got my first digital camera, but I still think there is a place for film in modern photography. I like shooting digital because you get instant results and you can shoot as much as you can as long as you have the battery power and available storage space. I still look forward to buying a film camera in the future.

John E.  Spurgin's picture

I have shot less film due to a change in my situation wherein I am not doing as much photography art work. I am still commited to film cameras and processes. I use digital but not for art purposes - mainly for documentation.

Vincent A.  Provenzano's picture

I will just be using up my film stockpile with little intention of purchasing film except for rare occasions.

Stan Noreika's picture

I will probably shoot more film, since I have re-discovered the joy of 'chromes.

Bob Webster's picture

I prefer my film based SLR, with conventional enses that have no magnificaton factor due to digital sensors being much snmaller than 35mm film. I much prefer to have my film processed, and digitally scanned onto a CD as an option, than try to only use a digital SLR that cannot shoot wide angle shots as well as conventional 35mm cameras. I also find film cameras easier to use.

Don Darling's picture

I am very reluctant to move away from film. I am becoming more familiar with how different films behave under different lighting conditions. If I go over to digital I feel I would be throwing my privious work away for "instant" gratification rather than good, systematic progress towards good image making.

Jerry Waskiewicz 's picture

With small town newspapers, I started to use, don't laugh the Kodak 120, in 1997, So now going on 8 years , without film , film is probably still better than digital. Digital is making advances. It all depends on what your final product is for,mine is fast newspaper work, I still think it's the best for the news media useage.

Mark Truitt's picture

I use a digital point and shoot but I'll stick to my film cameras for now. I still prefer the sound of tape to cd's and the look of film to digital. Digital is over rated in my opinion.

Laurence Caesare' Glasper's picture

I own a Nikon N60 plus D70 and I like both formats. It really should not matter if you shoot with film or digital, because there will always be someone out there shooting with both. Alot of beginners are running to the Digital format because they think it's alot easier to use. Little do they know that you still have to learn about JPEG TIFF and NEF etc., etc., If you love B&W Photograhy then film is the way.

Wade Shanley's picture

I have a film camera and am actually thinking of selling it because I pretty much never use it. I'm sure there are virtus to film, but I'm an amateur so digital makes more sense to me at this stage...allowing me to experiment without the high cost of film.

Ted Zaborski's picture

I will never abandon film, All I use is B&W, using the zone system and my own processing.

C.  Neal's picture

Film and digital are not equal. Nor should we want them to be. Each has it's strong points and we should use the tool that we feel best suits our task.