Briefly comment on whether you think manufacturers should continue to develop new and more sophisticated film SLRs or whether you think they are wasting their time and energy and should just bring out digital models.

Briefly comment on whether you think manufacturers should continue to develop new and more sophisticated film SLRs or whether you think they are wasting their time and energy and should just bring out digital models.
Yes, I would consider buying the latest film SLR models.
53% (76 votes)
No, my next purchase, now and in the future, would be a digital SLR.
27% (39 votes)
I'm waiting to see what happens with digital SLRs, and am happy with my film SLR for now.
20% (29 votes)
Total votes: 144

Todd's picture

I love my big, heavy SLR and my Image Stabilizer lenses. But after my flash broke, the gear sat in a bag for a while. Instead of buying a flash unit, I purchased a 5MP point & shoot with a little Leica lens. I carry it everywhere (unlike the SLR) and I'll use it for less serious shooting until the next-generation of D-SLRs come out.

S.  Ballotta's picture

Both film and digital cameras are essential to photography. While DSLRs are gaining in popularity the film SLRs are less expensive and will be able to use the next generation of film. The current DSLRs like the computer may have a limited life span because of their dependence on computers and their platforms. The current DSLR may not be compatible with the next generation of Windows or Mac operating systems. This could mean replacing your DSLR more often then your film SLR. Further improvements in both the digital and film realms tend to help both types of cameras. The Pentax *IST (film) and the *IST DS (digital) are a good example of how both realms share the same innovative technology. Minolta, Canon, and Nikon seem to still believe in film. Each has introduced at least one new film based SLR in the past year. Kodak has released at least 2 new families of film in the past two years. I feel that it would be foolish to abandon film or digital. They both have their place in the world of photography. Many photographers use both formats.

J.  Brown's picture

My Minolta SLR is in for repair(I love this camera)and I was told it cannot be fixed, due to company no longer making repair parts. This is sad.

John W.  Hollinhurst's picture

SLRs have been refined enough as they are, but should be kept available for sale and support. R&D should concentrate solely on DSLRs where there's a future for all!

TJ Schneider's picture

Say what you want about film SLR cameras, but those of us that still use them, love them and I for one have no intention of switching to digital.

Merv McCormac's picture

Until Digital sensors approach 35mega pixal sensativity, Film will blow Digital away in detailed large prints in the great out doors.

Bill Cashman's picture

I just purchased a Nikon D70 a few months ago, and from it's performance, I can honestly say that I think film SLR will be a way of the past very, very soon.

Jim Valentino's picture

My wife and I just purchased two (2) new 35mm. SLRs. We have quite a few of the latest Nikon models and would consider buying another if the newer model offers substantial improvements, such as built-in vibration reduction.

Tim Colvin's picture

Even when digital quality completely surpasses the best film quality, which it undoubtedly will, there will always be an attraction in film's art of controlling chemical reactions to light. Even though 95% of my photos are now taken via my digital SLR, film is in my blood and always will be. I will always wonder, "how would this photo have looked with Fuji Velvia XXX?" My children on the other hand, will likely never desire to endure the nuances of learning film photography.

David Hsu's picture

Film has a resolution and effect refinement the digital camera cannot match and moresome, the simplicity in operation is still the greatest asset.

Jim Jennings's picture

I recently bought a Nikon F100. Both film and digital have pros and cons. Film can be scanned at high resolution. Digital prices are still very high. But the film camera market is shrinking; one has to wonder whether a film camera is a wise investment.

Mike Muth's picture

Nikon F6! I am happy with digital photos and own a Nikon D1x. Great color, the convenience is nice too. But film still produces awesome photos and besides the photos can be scanned. The Nikon D2x is on my wish list also. I'm waiting to see how much they will sell for. Could be out of my price range for now. Having to by film is an issue, but the costs are a small piece at a time.

George M.  Arnold's picture

More digital backs for current bodies and/or digital bodies that make FULL use of older lenses should be produced!

Leonard J.Rall's picture

I have already switched to a digital SLR and have had great results with it! I would not even consider going back to film.

Mark A.  Harris's picture

I feel that the way they are going with digital cameras now that film cameras will soon be outmoded. Digital cameras are coming down in price while going up in megabites,soon they will surpass the film camera in quality if they haven't done so already.

Adolfo Zavala's picture

They are both great. With a digital camera, computer and printer, one can do everything, but it takes time (a valuable commodity). With a film camera we don't have as much control but we let somebody else do most of the work for us.

Chuck Keener's picture

I am not convinced that digital is the way to go. My main camera is still my Pentax PZ1P and I am just going back to medium format. I am spending to much money on eBay buying a Mamiya RB67 and all of the trimmings!!! Ye for film!!!

M.  Faust's picture

It would be nice if there was an invention to make film slr cameras digital. I hate throwing out all my old equipment & lenses.