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High rating for technical experimentation!

Hey Phil..... amazing that you're into this!!!! High Dynamic Range, but hey, resolution works too because it offers wicked results.
My fav is -3, 0 +3 on the three pic mix and if you're looking for a really good PhotoShop plug-in to aid in this technique, try Photomatix Tone Mapping 1.2 plug-in or the stand alone version 2.5.7. All in all, you only need one pic and the software will redo the exposures, but the three or more mix brings the best flow for results. Try 5 or 7 pic mix sometime.
Awesome stuff, keep it up.

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thanks. i've been doing HDR for a long time but I didn't automerge in cs2, i manually combined the images. i recently downloaded photomatix and it is great. yeah -3, 0 +3 is better than what i used. i wish canon had that option with auto braketing. it's neat to see the details in the highlights and shadows and it's cool to be on the forefront of a definite hdr explosion.

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