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Editor Sep 27, 2010 44 comments
Do you think that smaller, compact system cameras can match DSLRs with the APS C chip in features and functionality? This new class of cameras generally comes with a full range of lenses, but only with electronic viewfinder and/or LCD viewing.
Please briefly comment on your thoughts about this new breed of digital cameras.
Yes, the chip size is the same and I appreciate the smaller size.
32% (40 votes)
No, the electronic finder is less functional than "mirror" finders.
50% (63 votes)
Not sure as I have not worked with one yet.
18% (23 votes)
Total votes: 126
Editor Aug 18, 2010 44 comments
Image stabilization is becoming a common feature in new lenses from OEM and "third-party" manufacturers. At times it seems the feature is added to lenses with fairly narrow maximum or variable apertures. While it brings costs down in lens making, do you feel it is a fair tradeoff?
Please comment briefly on your experience with image stabilized lenses.
Yes, if I can get steadier shots in a lens that is not too expensive it is worth it.
55% (63 votes)
No, I'd rather work with a "faster" lens, with or without image stabilization.
39% (45 votes)
I haven't had a chance to work with an image stabilized lens so I'm not sure.
5% (6 votes)
Total votes: 114
Editor Jul 14, 2010 35 comments
When working with Raw files there are numerous programs that will handle the conversion, from camera maker software to third party programs. How do you process your Raw images?
Raw is proprietary to each maker and even each model of camera. Do you think there should be a universal "raw"? Please briefly share your thoughts on this matter.
I use the camera maker supplied software.
20% (18 votes)
I use a third party program.
70% (62 votes)
I stick with JPEG because I have not tried out Raw format yet.
10% (9 votes)
Total votes: 89
Editor Jun 22, 2010 6 comments
With technology such as "dynamic range optimization", "D-Lighting", in-camera HDR bracketing and other in-camera processing features, the challenges of exposure under contrasty conditions seem to be easing. Have you worked with these in-camera tools, and do you find they ease exposure challenges as much as they claim?
Please comment briefly on your experience with in-camera processing tools for contrasty lighting conditions.
I have worked with these tools and they make exposure much less challenging, esepcially in high contrast conditions, than ever b
40% (8 votes)
I have worked with them and am not convinced that they overcome the "classic" photographic exposure challenges.
30% (6 votes)
I need to know more about them before I make any judgment.
30% (6 votes)
Total votes: 20
Editor May 11, 2010 19 comments
There are numerous programs now that allow you to catalog, edit and manipulate images. Digital allows us to shoot lots of images--the issue is getting to them later, and keeping them safe. In your work, how have you managed to manage all those images?
Please briefly describe what programs you use and how they have done the job for you.
I have settled on one program that I use consistently to handle all my work, cataloging and editing.
30% (16 votes)
I use one software programs to catalog my work, and then open them in separate software for manipulation.
54% (29 votes)
I am still seeking the best solution.
17% (9 votes)
Total votes: 54
Editor Apr 15, 2010 31 comments
The Internet is filled with information about photography and certainly can be used as a source of knowledge. But is it where you get most of your information about photography and making images (and not just about gear)? Of course, we assume you learn a lot from the pages of Shutterbug, but where else do you go for photographic learning?
Please comment briefly on what you consider the best way to learn more about photography.
1) Yes, I would say most of my photographic learning is via the web.
29% (19 votes)
No, although I do follow some web pages, I also attend classes, workshops and seminars.
38% (25 votes)
I am mostly self taught by working with my camera.
32% (21 votes)
Total votes: 65
Editor Mar 22, 2010 19 comments
Most DSLRs these days come with built-in flash. While not very powerful they are fine for fill. Do you have an auxiliary hot shoe flash or other lighting gear yet?
Briefly comment on your approach to adding light to low light scenes using flash.
Yes I have the manufacturer's hot shoe flash to supplement lighting.
63% (40 votes)
I do but it is an independent brand flash and it works fine.
23% (15 votes)
No I don't use any flash other than the built-in.
14% (9 votes)
Total votes: 64
Editor Feb 10, 2010 63 comments
Increasingly, makers of new D-SLR cameras are touting the video benefits of their cameras as much as the still features. How much do video features count if you were to be in the market for a new D-SLR?
Please comment briefly on your experience with video with a D-SLR.
A lot, I really enjoy the ability to do both.
7% (23 votes)
Not at all. I'm not into video and want a great still camera.
69% (222 votes)
It counts, but not as much as great still camera features.
24% (79 votes)
Total votes: 324
Editor Jan 15, 2010 33 comments
Photography and so-called "social networking" are becoming intertwined. Have you, or how have you gotten involved with these networks?
Please briefly comment on your engagement with social networks and photography.
I have yet to get involved.
35% (25 votes)
I interface with numerous networks and use it as a way to share my images.
42% (30 votes)
I have no interest in that.
23% (16 votes)
Total votes: 71
Editor Dec 08, 2009 61 comments
With airlines charging for bag check-in and enforcing single-bag rules, efficiency in packing is even more important. Do you find that if you travel by air you tend to pack less camera gear than you'd like?
Please comment briefly on your airline travel camera packing strategy.
Yes I usually cut down on lenses, flash etc. so I can travel without hassles.
65% (80 votes)
I have an airline standard rolling backpack or pack that usually lets me take everything I want.
34% (42 votes)
I have a secure, heavy-duty check-in container that allows me to check my cameras as luggage so I can take all the gear I need.
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 124