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George Schaub Posted: Apr 01, 2009 0 comments

Multimedia usually means a device that does a lot of things for you; experience shows that in such devices some are done better than others. We are seeing more and more multimedia coming to photography. Sony, for example, just announced a digicam that you can use to connect to the web, and not just an online storage server. Epson, HP, Canon, and other printer companies tout...

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George Schaub Posted: Mar 01, 2009 0 comments

I recently got back a roll of processed color negative film from a lab touting itself as “professional” and it reminded me why it’s difficult for me to go back to shooting film. It’s not that I don’t like the look of film, or that I don’t enjoy actually working with it; it’s that the prints were well below my expectations. I checked the negatives and they...

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George Schaub Posted: Feb 01, 2009 0 comments

This issue might seem to have a slight touch of split direction, what with our annual tribute to black and white photography and a trio of new D-SLR reviews thrown in together. But that seeming contradiction is soon dispelled when you consider that the amazing interest in black and white has occurred at the same time as the rise in megapixel counts in cameras. More and more photographers are...

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George Schaub Posted: Jan 01, 2009 0 comments

In this issue we bring you our photokina report, information gathered over a week spent at the worldwide photo show held every two years in Cologne, Germany. Our team of reporters covered the vast show halls to bring you reports on the latest products and technology in the photo and imaging world as photokina has always been the source for new trends in photography, and a good deal of inside...

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George Schaub Posted: Dec 01, 2008 0 comments

Everyone has experienced the frustration of making changes to an image on the monitor until it’s just right, then seeing a print emerge only to have it too light, too dark, or, for black and white images, seeing the image color go a sickly green or other color cast. It would make sense that what you see on the monitor screen matches the print, but that’s not always or, for some, often...

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George Schaub Posted: Nov 01, 2008 0 comments

As this issue goes to press we’re off to photokina in Cologne, Germany, for the one show that always rocks the photo world. Held every two years, photokina is where just about every manufacturer in the industry from around the world gathers to show their wares, and their future tech, so that’s where we’ll be. Shutterbug is sending a team of reporters to cover every aspect of the...

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George Schaub Posted: Oct 01, 2008 0 comments

Those who spend most of their time working in natural light have come to appreciate the difficulties of making the best exposure reading, working the point of view, and maintaining tonal value and detail in the scene. One of the reasons for the increasing interest in HDR (so-called High Dynamic Range imaging) is that it seems to be a digital way to overcome the curse of the ancient...

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George Schaub Posted: Sep 01, 2008 0 comments

There's no doubt that digital allows you to blithely shoot away without concern for film and processing expense and to record every possible angle and compositional permutation, with bracketing to boot. In that, it has freed the image from the implied cost of every snap of the shutter--not to worry, you paid for most of that up front. Now what you get to spend is time...

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George Schaub Posted: Aug 01, 2008 0 comments

It goes without saying that digital has changed lots of things in photography. One matter that requires more thorough investigation is how it affects optics and assumptions we have made about the design, recommendations, and even the naming conventions we use. While this column length does not allow for full discussion I'll raise some of the issues and open the floor to our...

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George Schaub Posted: Jul 01, 2008 0 comments

For those who worked in the confines of the amber-lit chemical darkroom and experienced the wonder of an image emerging from paper after being dipped in a tray of liquid, the changeover to the digital darkroom, as it has come to be known, has been radical. No longer dealing with dye and density, we are now confronted with changeable codes that are handled by graphic interfaces...

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George Schaub Posted: Jun 01, 2008 0 comments

Every year the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) convention brings together all things photographic to one spot and attracts visitors and exhibitors from around the world. We see the show as a way to gather information about what's new, and perhaps as important, what's coming in terms of technology in the months and even years ahead. To accomplish our task we have a...

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George Schaub Posted: May 01, 2008 0 comments

While we at the magazine tend to get caught up in the exciting news about new products and technology, we also keep our eye out for topics we believe are of interest to photographers today. You might call these guiding lights that we will follow in the months and years ahead. We feel we owe it to you to occasionally state those topics explicitly, so you know where we are coming...

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George Schaub Posted: Apr 01, 2008 0 comments

Now that Nikon has entered the "full" or FX-format realm with their new D3 the debate is sure to ensue about what creates the best image quality--so-called DX (or APS-C) sensors or the 35mm-size sensor found in the Nikon D3 and former Canon models and the new Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, reviewed in this issue. (The D3 review will appear in our May issue.) These...

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George Schaub Posted: Mar 01, 2008 0 comments

Gone are the days when we might be discussing the merits of stock vs. dilution ratios for film processing and the uses of potassium ferricyanide for snapping up highlights on prints. While these are still items of interest for those working in the chemical darkroom, the talk these days is more about raw image converters and which plug-ins are optimum for gaining a "Velvia...

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George Schaub Posted: Feb 01, 2008 0 comments

Those who have been around for a while have to be amused by the occasional proclamation that another black and white renaissance has occurred. This pronouncement from industry wags is made every few years to usher in another glorious age for black and white photographers and printers. This time around the gushing is around new inkjet papers, dubbed "exhibition quality"...


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