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Theano Nikitas Posted: Oct 28, 2014 0 comments

Desktop photo inkjet printer release cycles are glacially slow compared to those of digital cameras so it was something of a surprise to learn Epson was going to launch the 13-inch SureColor P600 Professional Photo Printer this morning. While the printer model name has changed from Stylus Photo to SureColor to bring the line under a global branding umbrella, the P600 (P stands for “photo”) takes its place at the top of Epson’s 13-inch photo inkjet printer line, which continues to include Stylus Photo and Stylus Pro models.

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David B. Brooks Posted: Sep 01, 2004 0 comments

If I had to use two words to describe the Epson Stylus Pro 4000 from an enthusiastic photographer's perspective they would be "serious fun." And from a professional photography perspective I'd have to say "serious business." Although scanners and digital cameras are...

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David B. Brooks Posted: Aug 01, 2004 0 comments

No one should jump to the conclusion that Epson's new Stylus Photo R800 is just a smaller Photo 2200, although at first glance it would seem to be. It is logical to assume that not all photographers who want to make fine digital prints want to also...

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David B. Brooks Posted: Jun 01, 2002 0 comments

In one sense ink jet photo printers are very much like 35mm SLR cameras. There are a number of mass-produced, relatively inexpensive models that target the amateur and enthusiast photographers, and then there is a high-performance model specifically designed...

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David B. Brooks Posted: Sep 01, 2005 0 comments

For quite a few years now digital photography enthusiasts have looked to flat-bed scanners as a way to serve all of their scanning needs in one device. Technology improvements and the "natural" drop in cost relative to performance has resulted in substantial consumer enthusiasm, which fuels ever more research and development. The latest result of that progress is...

David B. Brooks Posted: Oct 01, 2010 1 comments

Scanning is most effective when hardware and software work together. It’s a bit like some black-and-white film developers that mix Metol and hydroquinone for a super-additive outcome.

David B. Brooks Posted: Nov 01, 2006 0 comments

Technical Specifications

Scanner Type: Flat-bed color image scanner with Epson Dual Lens System, High-Pass Optics and Digital ICE technologies
Photoelectric Device: Color Epson MatrixCCD line sensor
Optical Resolution: Epson Dual Lens System, 4800dpi and 6400dpi
Hardware Resolution:...

David B. Brooks Posted: Nov 01, 2006 1 comments

The new Epson V700 Photo/V750-M Pro Perfection scanners remind me of the very first Epson professional scanner I got to know over 10 years ago. The resemblance, however, is largely superficial. Even though the new V700 and V750 have a shape similar to the Expression of over a decade ago, these new Perfection scanners reflect an entirely different era of scanning performance. While...

Jack Neubart Posted: Jan 01, 2008 0 comments

I always find it a nice icebreaker to show my pictures to people I meet on my travels. I also make it a habit of giving a small print to people I befriend. And the small print costs me pennies. Plus, 4x6 prints are so much easier to tote around than 8x10s. The problem is producing these minilab-size prints. I've wasted numerous 4x6 sheets because of a wrong setting in my...

David B. Brooks Posted: Jun 01, 2007 0 comments

The Epson Stylus Photo 1280 has been going strong for almost six years now, and you'd think that Epson's replacement model, the Stylus Photo 1400, must be exceptional to be worthy of replacing such a venerable printer. While the idea has merit, the fact is that Epson's letter-sized, dye-ink photo printers, such as the R380, already have new inks; the 1280 was the...

David B. Brooks Posted: Jun 01, 2007 0 comments

Technical Specifications


Printing Technology: Six-color advanced DX5 MicroPiezo inkjet technology optimized for photo printing
Ink Cartridge Configuration: Six individual high-capacity ink cartridges
Ink Type: Claria Hi-Definition Ink (smudge-, scratch-, water-, and fade-resistant photos)

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David B. Brooks Posted: Oct 01, 2005 0 comments

Epson has been a very active company over the last few years, offering an abundance of new printer models that I am sure has been both confusing and a welcome support for photographers doing digital darkroom work. One of the great benefits for many has been the introduction and refinement of pigment inks, which provided much greater print longevity than dye inks. This was...

John Blackford Posted: Aug 01, 2008 0 comments

Challenge is good, and Epson's new 13" Stylus Photo R1900 presents a challenge to those who want it all--great color and great black and white printing. Its color output equals anything in the Epson line-up, while black and white is less advanced, perhaps because its target is the photo enthusiast seeking colorful, high-quality, long-lasting prints.



Jon Canfield Posted: Nov 01, 2008 0 comments

Three years ago, Epson brought out a solid 13x19” printer using the new UltraChrome K3 inks. This model, the R2400, was a major improvement over the 2200 it replaced, thanks to the additional gray inks and a new Advanced Black and White mode in the printer driver. Three years is nearly forever in the digital market, and people have been wondering when a replacement would come and what...

Jack Neubart Posted: Sep 01, 2007 0 comments

There are lots of letter-size inkjet printers on the market, but you'd be hard-pressed to find one with this much functionality and at a price of $129.


Epson's Stylus Photo R380: Key Features At A Glance

· Dye-based, letter-size inkjet printer
· Six ink colors in individual tanks
· CD/DVD printing on...


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