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You have pretty high standards for yourself and others don't you?
We all have our own style obviously- good, bad or indifferent but you seem a little "angry" lately that pics. aren't up to your snuff.I agree that a lot of the this site are completely absurd and belong in a photo album rather than
taking up space after space...ex. all the self portraits that seem to say "look
at me,aren't I beautiful"? or pics. of kids(or whoever) sitting around a table or living rm., whatever,w/ no comp. or any sort of "photographic spirit", if you will. Photographers are a special breed of artists.To me there is a picture
to be taken as soon as I walk out the door, what I choose to do w/ that pic.I feel, is what makes me a better photographer or a "wanna be".I can be happy w/ it,
or, make it look "ok"( and I admit,I'm guilty of a couple of those kind in here) and it embarasses me,but... or my favorite is just dump the pic. I too have a degree of standard for myself but I also have a style of photography that I enjoy and try to improve on. I like the blk/wht and the "antique" look if it's appropriate...zoom and macro are my and I enjoy shooting children mostly.Candid and up-close!!! I love your style and energy in your photos.and the depth of them is incredible,they're different and they make me want me to look at more of them. I hope mine one day evoke that kind of emotion or wonderment in others. I feel I have what it takes to be a "WOW"! photographer and I need people like you and the other few that have made comments. I just wish more people would leave there thoughts.Thank you for all your photos,very inspiring and thought provoking but lighten up on yourself,and remember that all photographers aren't really "photographers" they're just picture takers.!!! Want to know what really inspired this novel? One of my pics.
that I tried to make look "ok" and that in my heart I knew it wasn't good but wanted it to be... well, you commented on it and I guess my feelings were hurt but only because I knew you were right and I knew the pic. wasn't up to my standards.It had great comp. but that's it. Thanks, Nancy(buttercup)

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:) Thanks for taking a look and rating.

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umm.... do you do classes??? can i take one? all of your photos are awesome! how long have you been doing photography?

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I'd love to do classes speech4kids, but truth be known, I never think my images are good enough to compete in the level of photography that I admire. But then again, I've looked at some of authors currently writing about photography and can't believe they really think they're good enough to give advice.
It's a confusing industry right now. If I write, will you read?
Enjoy, S2

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absolutely. i think you are one of the very best here on this site. i am brand new to digital SLR and i don't even understand most of the terms despite purchasing books like "The Complete Idiot's guide..." I'm not sure of my camera settings and how to set manual settings although I play around with it. I have a Nikon D80 with Nikkor lenses 18-135mm and 70-300mm, a Nikon Speedlight SB-800 flash and some color filters for the 70-300mm lens. I also have some color gels??? With all of this STUFF, I should be able to take some pretty awesome pictures. Take a look at my gallery "speech4kids" - all but one of the pictures were taken with my new camera. Any tips would be very much appreciated. BTW... I also bought PhotoShop CS2 for editing some of my photos. I'm just a junkie with a lot of equipment I don't know what to do with.
Thanks a ton and keep up your SUPERB work!

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I'm flattered by your comments, but I'm just into always doing better. I'm now using CS3-beta, but the most noticeable difference from CS2 to CS3 is just the mechanics and not really a bells and whistle type of upgrade. If anyone was to think that it would be full of new filters and effects, they would be sadly disappointed. D80 is a great camera and offers a huge amount of features to help with getting the shot. All in all, the best way to get the shot is to understand the three basic settings of ISO, aperture and shutter speed. With that knowledge, you can easily take a shot and make a quick adjustment to correct a flaw. I have a 70-300 that I mostly use as a paper weight on my desk. Sometimes I put a macro filter on the end and can get really close to the subject using around 150mm, but totally distorts after about 220mm.
The main goal for most is to get the perfect picture. Keep on practicing and you'll find sooner than later that most of your shots are going to start turning out really nice. It's all in the camera setup prior to shooting, so plan ahead.
:) Happy Snapping.

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Very cool work.

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Thanks Clou2 and bmac.

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Very Cool! I love the orange color - I think orange makes for a very warm pic. Your others are very interesting as well!

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Nancy/Buttercup, you just used a term I've used for many years, "Picture Takers." Honestly, there's a moment when one becomes the other and it's getting to that moment that shows a person's personality. We all seem to have an interest in photography and expressing ourselves, but the results are so typical it makes me mad. The first time someone takes shots inside, it's suddenly art, that all the pics are blurred with movement and the orange glow is soooo appealing. (it's really not) Flowers are a hot subject because of the beauty and the stillness, so a shot is taken and only a fraction of the center is in total focus, it's art right? Nope! It's all that was managed to be captured clearly and as a pro, you have to explain to others that your photo's are presented to, that this is the way it was intended to be in order to show this lovely bloom.
Maybe it's that I've heard all the excuses in the book and have also heard most every photographer say, "wish I knew how to do that back then." I am not a pro and never will be, but I am trying my best to provide the best images to those that want to enjoy them. I try different things that every book tells me I can't do and I make it work. I also build my own lenses to my specs which may or may not provide a good image in the end, but I learned something new during the process.
It's a revolving door with new people getting into photography and some stay and some don't. I'm open to look at anyone's shots, but when they're so typical that I can see the level of skill involved and they're presenting it as art, then it just bothers me a bit.
Everybody want recognition, but when they step out of their safe family and friends circle and into the industry with a large variety of people that really know about whatever it is, you must agree that they're going to get smacked down a bit. Should I be mad that Le Louvre in Paris wouldn't consider me worthy if I wanted them to display my finger painting of a stickman? Or, if they did display it, would it be fair to the other artists to have so many finger paintings that it somewhat drowned out paintings like the Mona Lisa?
ShutterBug is in my eyes the oldest photography magazine that I know of and highly respected in the film and digital world as a source for anything via good advertising. The Internet has taken a bite out of the industry and digital took a huge swallow. Not very long ago, I could come here and look at others photo's, quality shots of just about anything, I felt that this was a meeting point for people with skill and info. Now, I go through page after page looking for those same types of shots and I can still find them, but only after weeding through a whole bunch of candid family shots or blurry trial shots. I've watched to many people with talent simply leave and not return because they don't want to be in the same class as the people now posting everything they can think of, clear or not clear.
The information links from the forum section of this site and the message boards are the steps to really getting into photogrphy and understanding some really neat tricks, but then again, I'm not entirely impressed with some of the advice givers on the front page of the message boards. I am 99% self taught and have taken well over half a million photo's in the journey for perfection. Different equipment is my limit right now, but I still manage to break all the rules and get results.
My novel's done Nancy/Buttercup, I've got some stuff to write up for spittingimages and do have a look a bit later in the morning after I post a few idea's.

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nice work

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