The Summer Place

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In July Jody Dole and his sons Sam and Brandon spent three days immersed in photography's past at John Coffer's Camp Tintype in upstate New York where wetplate photography rules and fans gather to learn techniques, exchange information, show their work and talk about what they've invented, modified or improved. Digital cameras are allowed, and Jody used his to document the experience; that's Brandon in the photo above. "We started as witnesses and became creators," Jody says of the workshop.

John Coffer lives a 19th-century life on a working farm where light comes from oil lamps and heat from fireplaces; there's no running water and the only electricity is generated by a horse on a treadmill.
"People attending the workshop generally camp out," Jody says, "but Sam, Brandon and I stayed at a nearby B&B."

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Similar kind of photo was

Similar kind of photo was there of my grandpa...Looks good!!
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