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Step 2: I used Photoshop’s rectangular Selection tool to select an area between the left edge of the seamless paper and Haley’s elbow. Then, using Photoshop CS4’s Content-Aware Scaling feature (Edit>Content-Aware Scale), I dragged one of the selection “handles” until the original frame was filled with gray background. I clicked Enter and was finished with this part of the background.

Photo © 2008, Joe Farace, All Rights Reserved

Tip: If you have an older version of Photoshop that lacks Content-Aware Scaling, select and drag one of the handles and it will work with a solid color background like this one, but forget using it with anything more complex.

Step 3: Next I used the rectangular Selection tool to select an area between the right edge of the seamless paper and Haley’s other elbow. Then, using the same technique as the left-hand edge of the seamless background, I used Content-Aware Scaling (Edit>Content-Aware Scale) to drag one of its “handles” until the frame was filled with gray background.

Photo © 2008, Joe Farace, All Rights Reserved

Building a studio of your own using a small space begins with an attitude that says you can do it! All of the tips, tools, and techniques that I have shown here are just the beginning. Use them as a springboard and expand these concepts to fit your space, your gear, and your imagination. It all begins with clearing space for your in-home studio today!

© 2008, Joe Farace, All Rights Reserved

What’s A “Scrim Jim”?
Westcott’s Scrim Jim is a strong, collapsible diffusion and reflector system made up of a series of frames, diffusion and reflector fabric, and grip accessories that make the system work the way you want, especially important when creating a temporary or permanent home studio. The square-sectioned frames are made of lightweight aircraft aluminum that look heavier than they are and are easy to assemble using the built-in connector. Their modular construction allows you to create four easy-to-handle frame sizes: 42x42, 42x72, 72x72, and the super-sized 96x96. The modular design allows for easy portability as well as quick set up and knock down. The high-quality fabrics have hook-and-loop tape sewn around their perimeter that produce an even, snug, and secure fit to the frame.
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