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I Second that WOW!!

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Thanks buttercup and Clew, I was really fortunate.

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Very nice shot indeed.

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Thanks MyShutter. :)

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Very good Image, makes me wonder what it would look like 1000x1000..

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Hey, Style-where are you? Your work is superb-give us some new ones!

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Thanks for the all the comments and ratings everyone.
ggsimages, my head's been into building a dot com recently.
From 94 to 2002, I developed all levels of Internet sites and created techniques that were original at the time and common today.
Then I totally burned out on computers and the direction of the Internet. I'm going to step back in to promote only myself and some of the stupid things I do.
;)It's really going to suck ;)

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That sounds really cool. Let us "$tyle" fans know when it is ready to be seen!

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wonderful shot

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Beaut! love it! You are right, you were realllllly lucky!