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Rosanne's Gear
· Cameras: Two Nikon F100 35mm bodies, and Nikon D100 and D2X digital SLRs.
· Lenses: 12--24mm f/2.8, 17--35mm f/2.8, 35--70mm f/2.8, 80--400mm VR f/4.0--5.6, 70--200mm VR f/2.8, and 105mm f/2.8 macro.

Six Tips On Getting Up Close And Personal
1. "Photographing people in other cultures is like a dance," Pennella notes. "I think it's important first to be comfortable with your camera and yourself."
2. "You must also respect your subjects--be considerate of their feelings. You sometimes have to negotiate back and forth. Be friendly and easy-going, but at ease with commanding the situation."
3. "When I photograph a person, I often start with an environmental portrait," she points out. "Then I work closer and take more tightly-cropped shots. At that point, I often shoot details such as hands or feet or an interesting belt or earring."
4. "By working deliberately--decisively and quickly--you can put people at ease," she advises. "Paying attention to visual cues is important as well. People will let you know in a non-verbal way whether or not they are comfortable. I never move close to someone who is showing signs of discomfort. That's when I put the camera down and re-connect with the subject to see if I can move closer. If not, I end the session there."
5. "I find foreign subjects to be extremely cooperative," she adds. "Personal space issues tend to be significantly less important outside the U.S.A. Also, I think that who I am in these places changes a bit, too. I lose some of my reserve and I'm more open."
6. "The creation of a photograph between two people is about the two of you working together--it's not just about you as a photographer."

Pennella's images have appeared in numerous magazines, travel guides, brochures and on book covers. She describes her photographic style as "color saturated, graphic and intimate."

Seven Favorite Accessories
1. A thorough guidebook to preplan photo shoots.
2. Diffuser for a flash unit, in white and gold.
3. Portable voice recorder for taking notes.
4. International power converter/adapter kit.
5. An ultra-thin circular polarizer.
6. A sturdy camera bag.
7. Travel clothing with large pockets for filters, memory cards or film.

To see more of Rosanne Pennella's work, visit her website at

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