The Return of Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic Magazine

The Return of Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic Magazine

By Ron Leach

Most avid photographers, including loyal readers of Shutterbug, will recall Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic magazine which ceased publication in late 2005. In our farewell editorial we said, “It is with a mixture of melancholy, gratitude, and optimism that PHOTOgraphic’s 33-year run has come to an end.” Well, the “melancholy” was then and the “optimism”  is now because we are pleased to announce the re-launch of PHOTOgraphic in a unique, bold format.

The new Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic Digital Photo Guide will hit the newsstand on November 18 as a beautifully designed quarterly with 48 pages of up-to-date tutorials, uninterrupted by advertising from cover to cover. What makes this publication unique is that each issue will be devoted to a single topic, enabling  you to make the most of your digital camera and shoot like a pro. The premiere issue of Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic Digital Photo Guide will be devoted to mastering exposure, with fast-paced instruction on highlight control, fill-flash, metering modes, dynamic range and other techniques for getting great results under all lighting conditions.

So whether your specialty is portraiture, sports, nature, wildlife or travel photography, be sure to pick up your copy of our first issue on newsstands everywhere November 18. That’s where the “gratitude” comes in.

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