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Posing The Bride
One of the main things I emphasize for studio portraiture on location is the benefit of learning simple posing and lighting techniques. Everyone learned a simple lesson when a very young teen-ager was brought into the classroom to pose as a bride. She entered the classroom in a strapless wedding gown, bare arms and all. I had to do something to dress her up for a portrait.

The problem was solved when I took a piece of fabric that almost matched the fabric of her gown and draped it around her shoulders and over her arms. I have done this quite often when a bride with a long train comes to me with bare shoulders and arms. The cape-like effect saved the day and pleased everyone. This portrait was created using two Westcott Spiderlites and a reflector.

Similarly, for the background of this bridal portrait I had two people hold up the back of her wedding gown. The detail of her gown, slightly out of focus, served to create a beautiful setting for her and at the same time showed off some of the detail in the train.

A Studio Visit
A visit by the class to the studio of Maz Mashru was a highlight of the class. Within his very successful studio he has both a low-key and a high-key setup. I was particularly interested in demonstrating some of the techniques I had just picked up myself for creating portraits in a high-key environment. I first got an exposure meter reading of his white background, using a flash on either side. Then, I used a single main light that was two f/stops less than the background exposure. When I exposed for the main light the background went completely white. I even used a fan to blow her hair for a more contemporary look.

The bottom line was that Juliet and Phil, the people in charge of the entire SWPP organization, were great hosts to my assistant, Jeff, and me. They're doing a superb job preparing the professional portrait and wedding photographers of Europe to expand their knowledge, grow, and prosper. Their website is www.swpp.co.uk. You can contact them directly for more information about joining their organization.

I will be returning to England to teach another educational seminar January 6-9, 2007. Visit www.montezucker.com
for details.

On another note, I have recently added these and many more of my recent images to my CD "How'd He Do Dat?" You can order it through my website at: www.montezucker.com.

Join Monte and Photoshop guru Eddie Tapp on the IMAGINATION TO REALITY TOUR this fall. Explore their world of digital imaging and immediately apply techniques that will help you achieve both financial and artistic success. Learn the complete digital workflow from capture to final output. Monte and Eddie cover concept to completion--posing, pixels, Photoshop, and printing--everything needed to create beautiful digital photographic portraits.

Cities Include:
Fort Lauderdale - October 5th
Atlanta - October 8th
Houston - October 9th
Dallas - October 10th
N. Chicago - October 14th
S. Chicago - October 15th
Detroit - October 16th
Cleveland - October 17th
N. Los Angeles - October 22nd
S. Los Angeles - October 23rd
Boston - October 29th
Washington DC - October 30th
New York - November 2nd
New York - November 6th
Philadelphia - November 7th
Seattle - November 12th
San Francisco - November 13th
Phoenix - November 15th
Visit www.zuckertapptour.com for details and to purchase tickets.
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I think it's on the same street, with the local winery .You can take the bus to there although it's kinda crowded and i don't recommend it. New jersey is a beautiful town but with the bump it's better.