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About six months ago I was talking with natural history photographer Rod Planck, and he said something extraordinary: "I just took the best photo I've ever taken." Pro shooters never say that. They tell you their best photo is the one they'll make tomorrow.

Of course I had to see the picture, and I had to know why it was his best.

Rod shot the photo of layers of snow and ice formed by snowfall, snow melt, rain and alternate days of freeze and thaw on a January morning at a stream on his property.

Why does he consider it his best? "Because it's all about vision," Rod says, "not about gear or technology. I could have used any camera, any lens. This was discovery, contemplation, seeing creatively and taking time. This photo exemplifies my career—it's what I've strived to do no matter what I photograph."

To see what else Rod photographs, check his website,

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This photo is indeed

This photo is indeed extraordinary.I love photography too.I have taken many photos but i find the best one everyone enjoying family holiday.Because it was taken at the moment everyone was actually enjoying no one asked them to smile.He is right its not about camera or lens.Its something more insightful.

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