Goin' Mobile

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On the July day nature and outdoor photographer Carol Freeman went to shoot at a favorite location—a retention basin near her home in suburban Chicago—she ended up cutting short her visit as the heat index rose toward triple digits. "After a few minutes shooting, I was done," she says.

With the AC going full blast, she started to pull out of the nearby parking lot when she saw butterflies and dragonflies in the tall grasses of the lot's dividers. "I drove slowly, and when I saw something interesting, stopped, rolled down the window and took a few shots." One of the cool things she saw, and photographed with her 200mm lens, was this damselfly.

Cue the Who: "I'm an air conditioned gypsy; that's my solution."

For more cool images, visit Carol's website, www.carolfreemanphotography.com.

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Beautiful fly!!

The above photograph is damn clear and is taken from a very appropriate angle. Extremely beautiful fly. print pictures on canvas