DSLR Series from Mamiya

Mamiya has announced two new and exciting lines of DSLRs, plus a new series of leaf-shutter lenses optimized for digital. This introduction brings together the professional workhorse heritage of Mamiya cameras, and Mamiya’s reputation for making world-class lenses.

The new Mamiya DM56 and DM33 deliver an unprecedented range of options to photographers, resulting in the most versatile medium format DSLR series available. With these two new models, Mamiya photographers can take advantage of record high flash-sync speeds up to 1/1600 per second via three new Mamiya leaf-shutter digital lenses. Designed and developed in conjunction with Schneider Kreuznach, and manufactured by Mamiya, the 55mm f/2.8 D L/S, 80mm f/2.8 D L/S, and 110mm f/2.8 S L/S will begin shipping in Q4, 2009.

For other shooting situations, photographers may choose from Mamiya’s current 645AF series lenses, ranging from 28mm to 300mm APO, all compatible for use with the cameras’ focal plane shutter. Combined with 30% faster autofocus, the Mamiya DM56 and DM33 set a new professional DSLR standard for the most demanding situations.

Software solutions for Raw file processing are provided with the cameras, including new versions of Leaf Capture, and Capture One software by Phase One, allowing photographers their choice of workflow from the industry leaders.

The new Mamiya DM28 and DM22 each offer an unmatched value for the new professional photographer. Featuring 16-bit/ channel image quality and industry-leading shooting speeds, they will be priced at extremely attractive points.

Utilizing a range of 15 existing Mamiya 645AF focal plane lenses, the Mamiya DM22 and DM28 offer many of the features found on their higher-end siblings. They also include Raw file processing with new versions of either Leaf Capture™, or Capture One™ software by Phase One, allowing photographers their choice of workflow from the industry leaders.


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