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Also For Travel Photographers
Sony's ( PhotoVault Mini CD-R Station is one of the coolest gadgets I've found in a long time. It's a portable, computer-free device for burning photos to mini CD-R media directly from digital still cameras. Each 200MB CD-R disc holds from 50-200 digital images, depending on resolution. Weighing only 8 oz, the PhotoVault features a (surprise, surprise) Memory Stick media interface but photos stored on USB-enabled flash memory devices, such as Lexar's, can be burned to a CD using the built-in USB interface. The $199 PhotoVault can be powered with either the supplied AC adapter or two AA batteries. Not all CD/DVD drives can read 80mm mini discs, especially those on computers with slot-loading drives, such as Apple's iMac. Yes, the discs go in, but they don't come out. At least not without surgery.

Pocketec's DataStor Mini measures 3.5x2.87x.43" and is hot-swappable, hot-pluggable, and bus powered by the host computer so you don't have to lug around an AC adapter or worry about batteries.

Memo to Sony: This is an insanely cool device that deserves a second model for non-Memory Stick camera users. Install a CompactFlash or Secure Digital slot in a PhotoVault II for the rest of us. After all, you finally built VHS recorders, so why not lighten up, just this twice?

Graphics Tablets For The Rest Of Us
Adesso's ( CyberTablet 12000 is a wireless graphics tablet with a wireless two-button scroll-wheel mouse. With a 12x9" work space, the $169.99 CyberTablet 12000 offers the kind of sensitivity needed for photographic retouching. If you don't have the desktop space (I don't), Adesso's CyberTablet 8600 has an 8x6" work space and costs $129.99. It's designed for Mac OS and Windows computers and includes a wireless two-button ergonomic mouse. Still not enough room? Try the Goldilocks model. For $69.99, Adesso's CyberTablet 6400 has a space-saving 6x4" pad and a three-button wireless mouse, making it ideal for somebody just taking the plunge into using a graphics tablet.

Sony's PhotoVault Mini CD-R Station is a portable, computer-free device for burning photos directly from digital still cameras to mini CD-R media. Each 200MB mini CD-R disc holds between about 50-200 digital images, depending on resolution.

All Adesso CyberTablets offer 512 levels of pressure-sensitive input points and provide the comfort of using a pencil with the accuracy needed for accurate photo retouching and the kind of precise outlining required for Photoshop's Extract tool. The wireless two-button pens feature 0.42mm accuracy and a 0.32" reading height with resolution up to 3048 lines per inch. The tablets are USB powered and don't require external power.

If you lack desktop space like I do, Adesso's CyberTablet 8600 has an 8x6" work space and costs $129.99. Designed for Mac OS and Windows computers, it includes a wireless two-button ergonomic mouse.

Are Plug-Ins Dead?
Many of my favorite Photoshop compatible plug-ins, including those aimed at noise reduction and sharpening, may have their places in my Filters menu usurped by Photoshop CS2's new and built-in filters that accomplish many of these same tricks. Some that won't be eliminated in the foreseeable future include my most indispensable plug-ins, such as The Imaging Factory's Convert to B&W Pro and PhotoTune's ( 20/20 Color MD.

Most if not all Photoshop compatible plug-ins, such as PhotoTune's 20/20 Color MD, that work with Adobe's Photoshop CS will work with the CS2 version.


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