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Thanks for stopping in and taking a peek. I'm hoping everyone clicked it to the largest view. Clearity is quite a bit sharper with this image at full view.
Thanks again.

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interesting shot, but for me, the leaves although they work in the comp, do not have credibility as the water droplet makes you realise the orientation is out...

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Fantastic observasion! I usually pay attention to those types of details too. Thanks for letting me know. Comments are always welcome with me.

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Very creative.

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Thanks so much for rating this shot, Very kind of you all.

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I think the shot is great. I love how you framed the final pic. Great job!

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Great perspective!

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Super detail and concept.

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Already rated this one, huh? 10 again!

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Wish I could photograph this nicely. Maybe as I learn more.... Great job!

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Beautiful!!!! I would love to know how you accomplished this. I am always looking for ways to improve. Any comments are welcome.

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Thanks [b]SPEECH4KIDS[/b] and [b]FOCUS[/b]
All around easy edit to get this type of result. Basically two images were cut into four and placed in the correct order and erased where need be. Sounds easier than it really is, but once there is a good command with editing,something like this just becomes a one-two step process.