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powerful. perfect timing!

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Thanks Speech4kids and deLioncourt.
It's not much in the way of timing at all. Shutter stays open until something strikes and usually looks better if you keep it open for a few strikes if they're really hitting. Glad you like it.

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Amazing!!! Absolutley breathtaking!

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f/8.0 - f/11. on this round because of the shutter time and BG light. It varies like everything else.

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Thanks for checking out the shot and rating underthepink. :)

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Sweet shot!!! Whats a good F setting?

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Really nice shot $tyle!

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Love this shot

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Always exciting to see lightning in a photo!
Would you be so kind as to tell what the shutter setting was?

Scott (nice timing) B

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This is something that I wish I could do, I have tried with no success. Excellent Work.

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Great picture!!!!

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If you check the properties of the copy in your temp, files you'll see this:
7/17/06 12:31pm
exp. 27 seconds
iso 100
focal length
canon eso 20d
adobe photo shop cs2 wind...
exp program manual
that info can be right, or wrong..

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hey $tyle
a mirror and a flip, makes a cartoon, sort of..