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wow, this is a really good photo, i'd love to know what settings you used.

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Thanks BC,
Flora came and went a long time ago. They rated every body's shots low and took off, not to be seen again. I don't mind a low rating, but back it up with anything other than an empty gallery and a bad attitude.
Side note: I researched a little info on Flora... total whack job that's hooked to TV and the Internet. Generally speaking, no life.

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You're an ass.

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Goes to show what you can do with an older camera.

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Thanks Victor and Bmac for rating this shot.
It's the kid's camera, but I love using it for macro's along with a reversed lense, great results. The above shot was just an example of using the right settings, and I really likes the outcome and color combo.

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Sweet shot, I do think that the equipment is not the most importand thing but what you do with it. Only sugestion is that it would look awsesome if it was cropped to hide the fingers or the background trees were removed and fingers stayed.

Good Work.

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Thanks for looking at it Janusz. I took this shot for another photo group in order to show that even with a CyberShot 4.1MP, you can get results. The thumb was left in for size perception only. I would never have it in any other shots. :)

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Flora, you're missing the point, and I don't think it's the first time. Are you okay? I know First Aid if that helps out!

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this is a cool effect...that looks like a poisonous plant, or maybe a pecan tree leaf.
[b]Nikon D80: 18-200VR, 105mm Macro VR[/b]